The ninth Secrets of Azeroth quest asks players to find a new item in WoW, Rose Gold Dust, and head to the Overflowing Rapids. Grab your idol!

If you've been away from World of Warcraft lately then you may not have noticed a growing mystery. A new kind of community secret-hunting quest, the Secrets of Azeroth event is running from August 31 to September 13. Each day brings a new mystery, tricky solutions, and the entire community working towards a goal. Today is day nine and with it comes new secrets to WoW, including a certain rose gold key, items found at the Overflowing Rapids, and how to forge the item!

In addition to solving the secret we'll also give you the ninth Satchel location for the day, while also explaining where the WoW Rose Gold Dust item is, why you need it, and how to finish strong!

How to get Rose Gold Dust in WoW

Today's Secrets of Azeroth quest, called Reforging a Legend, starts with the Valdrakken Inn in Thaldrazus. You'll be asked to go to the Obsidian Enclave blacksmith area to turn in, which gives us our list of ingredients for the key. This includes a newly added item to WoW, Rose Gold Dust is a major component of making the Reforged Titan Key. So, grab your Idol of Ohn'ahra and fly just a little bit east from the Enclave down to the Overflowing Rapids.

Where are the Overflowing Rapids in WoW?

In order to find the 50 Rose Gold Dust needed for step one of the quest, head over to the WoW Dragonflight location the Overflowing Rapids. You can also use the waypoint location of 49.68, 59.90. By using the idol you'll find glittery bits on the ground. WoWHead suggests the following waypoint for the best luck:

  • /way #2022 48.3 46.1 Rose Gold Dust area

After this, you'll need to gather eight Igneous Flux, found south of the Obsidian Citadel. Once more, here's the best waypoint:

  • /way #2022 21.3 76.7 Igneous Flux area

After gathering the items, head to the Earth-Warder's Forge and meet Weaponsmith Koref, found at the waypoint /way #2022 24.5 60.8. Follow the steps for the quest and you'll finally gain the Reforged Titan Key.

Where is the 9th Satchel location?

The ninth Satchel location will see you heading to The Barrens, on top of a small hill northwest of The Crossroads. Use the waypoint /way #10 46.0 50.6 to find the obvious mound of dirt.

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