Valorant Champions Berlin is finally upon us – which of the 16 teams will take home the glory? Check out the live bracket.

It’s the eve of the biggest VALORANT event in the game’s history and the culmination of the first Valorant Champions Tour – Champions Berlin. The equivalent of a World Championship for the young title, 16 teams from around the world have converged on Berlin for the chance to bring home glory as the world’s greatest Valorant Team.

Below, you can find the current standings and live updated bracket from the event, as well as the full schedule. This article will be updated live with results, as well as all of’s coverage from the event. This includes all of our previews, interviews, match recaps, and more.

You can watch Champions Berlin live on the Valorant Twitch channel.

Valorant Champions Playoffs Bracket

After all of the action at Valorant Champion,s the Grand Finals between Acend and Gambit are set. Acend have been a fairytale success this Champions after several attempts at Masters events, while Gambit are the defending Masters Berlin champions. Which will take home the glory?

You can check out the full bracket and schedule below, which will be updated throughout the playoffs.

Full Valorant Berlin Playoff Schedule

  • Quarterfinal 1: December 8 9 AM PST, Acend vs Team Secret, Acend win 2-0
  • Quarterfinal 2: December 8 11:30 AM PST, Team Liquid vs Cloud9 Blue, Liquid wins 2-0
  • Quarterfinal 3: December 9 9 AM PST, Gambit vs X10, Gambit wins 2-1
  • Quarterfinal 4: December 9 11:30 AM PST, Fnatic vs KRU, Kru wins 2-1
  • Semifinal 1: December 11: 9 AM PST Acend vs Team Liquid, Acend wins 2-0
  • Semifinal 2: December 11: 11:30 AM PST, Gambit vs KRU, Gambit wins 2-1
  • Grand Finals: December 12, 9 AM PST, Gambit vs Acend

Valorant Champions Berlin Final Group Standings

Top two teams from each group move on in a GSL style, double-elimination format. If a team loses two matches, they are out of the tournament. Note that all times provided are approximate unless they are the earliest given time on a particular day.

Furia, Crazy Raccoon, Vivo Keyd, Sentinels, Vision Strikers, and Full Sense have all been eliminated so far.

Champions Berlin – Group A Standings

PlaceTeamRecordRound Score+/-
1Acend – Qualified for playoffs2-061-45+16
2x10 Crit – Qualified for playoffs2-178-70+8
3Team Envy1-278-78+0
4Vivo Keyd0-237-61-24

Group A Schedule/Results:

Champions Berlin – Group B Standings

PlaceTeamRecordRound Score+/-
1Team Liquid – Qualified for Playoffs2-055-48 +7
2KRU Esports – Qualified for Playoffs2-183-91-8
4Furia Esports0-261-73-12

Group B Schedule/Results:

  • Kru Esports vs Team Liquid: December 2, Noon Pacific Team Liquid wins 2-0
  • Sentinels vs Furia Esports: December 2, 9 AM Pacific Sentinels win 2-1
  • Winners’ Match: December 4, 10 AM Pacific, Team Liquid vs Sentinels – Team Liquid win 2-1
  • Elimination Match: December 5, 9 AM Pacific, Furia vs Kru, Kru win 2-1
  • Decider’s Match: December 6, 9 AM Pacific, Sentinels vs Kru, Kru win 2-1

Champions Berlin – Group C Standings

PlaceTeamRecordRound Score+/-
1Gambit – Qualified for Playoffs2-064-50+14
2Team Secret – Qualified for Playoffs2-171-52+19
3Team Vikings1-270-75-9
4Crazy Raccoon0-224-52-13

Group C Schedule/Results:

  • Vikings vs Crazy Raccoon: December 1, 9 AM Pacific, Vikings win 2-0
  • Gambit vs Team Secret: December 2, 6 AM Pacific, Gambit win 2-1
  • Winners’ Match: December 4, 7 AM PST Gambit vs Team Vikings, Gambit win 2-1
  • Elimination Match: December 5, 6 AM Pacific Crazy Raccoon vs Team Secret, Team Secret win 2-0
  • Decider’s Match: December 7, 9 AM Pacific, Team Vikings vs Team Secret, Secret wins 2-0

Champions Berlin – Group D Standings

PlaceTeamRecordRound Score+/-
1Fnatic – Qualified for Playoffs2-074-65+9
2Cloud9 – Qualified for Playoffs2-198-91+7
3Vision Strikers1-289-81+8
4FULL SENSE0-229-53-24

Group D Schedule/Results:

  • Vision Strikers vs FULL SENSE: December 1, 6 AM Pacific – Vision Strikers win 2-0
  • Fnatic vs Cloud9 Blue: December 1, Noon Pacific – Fnatic win 2-1
  • Winners’ Match: December 3, 9 AM – Vision Strikers vs Fnatic – Fnatic win 2-1
  • Elimination Match: December 5, Noon Pacific – FULL SENSE vs Cloud9 – Cloud9 win 2-0
  • Decider’s Match: December 6, Noon Pacific – Vision Strikers vs Cloud9 – Cloud9 win 2-1

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