Day 2 of Valorant Champions is done and dusted and we saw two of giants being pushed to the edge by the underdogs

Gambit Gaming fight back to claim victory against Team Secret

Starting off the day we had Team Secret going up against Gambit Gaming. This was, in most people's eyes, meant to be a cake-walk for Gambit Gaming, who got to Valorant Champions after being crowned the victors Masters Berlin. What transpired was anything but that.

Team Secret got off to an incredible start on Icebox, catching Gambit with their pants down, as they went into the side swap up 8-4. Secret seemed to have their number all map long as they managed to take Icebox 13-6. Team Secret's Dubstep and Dispenser were in particularly good form that map, as they both finished with 20 kills.

But Gambit roared back into the fight like a bear waking from its' slumber, as they walked all over Secret on Breeze; claiming the map in a dominant 13-0 fashion. And from that point on it seemed as though the real Gambit Gaming had at least turned up to play in this match. Team Secret did rally back as best as they could in the first half of Bind, but were ultimately unable to reignite their early match form as Gambit took complete control. And after a few moments of brilliance from nATs and Redgar, Gambit won the map 13-6, and the series 2-1.

Gambit Gaming now progresses to face Team Vikings in the Group C Winners match on December 4, which is sure to be an interesting contest. Team Secret meanwhile will be taking on SEA rivals Crazy Raccoon in the first Elimination match for Group C on December 5.

Sentinels survive Furia Esports scare

Following the back and forth of the first match, we had another David and Goliath type battle as Sentinels squared off against Furia Esports. Like Gambit, Sentinels are seen as a favourite to make a deep run at Valorant Champions. But Furia were not going to make this match easy for them.

Starting off on Ascent Furia made an instant statement as they took an early lead at 5 - 1. However, this initial momentum was quickly stalled as Sentinels managed to tie things up going into halftime. Sentinels would eventually claim victory on Ascent 13 - 9; thanks in part to a few highlight reel plays from ShaZam.

With their backs against the wall, having lost on their map pick, Furia were going into Breeze; a map which Sentinels had been dominant on in many times in the past. Despite losing the first pistol round, Furia took complete control of the map; taking an 8 - 4 lead into halftime. Sentinels had their moments, but their efforts were in vain as Furia managed to pull of an incredible 13 - 8 win to tie up the series.

Things were tense for both sides heading into Haven for map 3. Sentinels would go into halftime with a 9 - 3 lead after a dominant first half. But as things looked to be done and dusted, Furia sprang to life in a last ditch attempt to snatch the victory. Unfortunately for them, Sentinels were able to hold on to clinch Haven 13 - 9, winning the series 2 - 1

Sentinels move on to the Group B Winners match where they will face the winner of KRU Esports vs Team Liquid. Furia Esports on the otherhand will be heading into the Elimination match where they will face the loser of that match.

Riot Intervention potentially costs Furia win against Sentinels

In midst of the Sentinels vs Furia Esports match, there was a lengthy technical timeout that took place during map 3; just as Furia were making a a big late push in an attempt to tie up the round count. Many who watched the match were quick to accuse Sentinels players of possible gamesmanship for deliberately disrupting Furia's late game momentum. Now though it has been revealed that Riot Games were behind this stoppage in play as they were investigating a potential map exploit by one of the Furia players.

For more information on this sudden development head to our full article on the subject.

Team Liquid dispatch Kru Esports with ease

With both the earlier matches going the distance we then arrived to the final match of Day 2, as Kru Esports took on Team Liquid. Team Liquid were another team that many thought could make a deep run at Champions. Whereas Kru Esports had been lighting up the LATAM Valorant scene. However they were going to have their hands full against this highly effective Team Liquid roster.

As expected Team Liquid took the first couple of rounds on Haven with relative ease. However Kru answered back by winning three rounds of their own. Kru had little time to capitalize on this momentum, as Liquid responded with four rounds in a row. Coming into the second half, Liquid lead Haven 8-4 on round count. Liquid continued to dominate in the second half. Leaving Kru little to no chance of establishing a foothold in the map. Team Liquid won Haven 13-5, with Nivera finishing the map with a 2 K/D.

Ascent proved to be more of a close-knit affair, as Kru attempted get back in the match. Liquid took the first three rounds, with Kru putting together two rounds of their own. But for every round Kru got, Liquid were putting up more of their own. With a 9-3 lead going into the second half, Liquid looked primed for another map win. Kru did manage to find a bit of form towards the end of the match. But it was too little too late for the LATAM team, as Team Liquid took Ascent 13-8; winning the series 2-0.

Team Liquid will be moving on to face Sentinels in the Group B Winners match on December 4. Meanwhile Kru drop into the firstelimination match for Group C where they will face Furia Esports.

For all of the details regarding Kru Esports vs Team Liquid head on over to our full Match recap.

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