Team Envy got off to a flying start in their first match in Group A at Valorant Champions against X10 Crit.

Team Envy got their Valorant Champions run underway as they squared off against X10 Crit. Both teams were forced to play their match at an offsite location after Envy’s Victor tested positive for COVID on Wednesday. Despite the circumstances both teams were anxious to get off to a good start. Though Envy were tipped as the early favorite in this matchup, X10 were not going to make things easy.

Map 1: Envy Fend Off Early Pressure From X10 On Breeze

X10 seemed to catch Envy off-guard with some early aggression as they took the first three rounds. But it wasn’t long ti Envy to shake off the early jitters as they bounced back with five rounds of their own. X10 quickly rallied back into the game as they were able to level things up at 6 – 6 heading into halftime.

Envy came flying out of the gate in the second half as they won the succeeding four rounds relatively comfortably. Yay in particular, was having an impressive performance for Envy as his unfiltered aggression proved to be too much for X10 to handle. X10 attempted to stage a late comeback off the back of some brilliant plays from foxz. However they were ultimately unable to stay the tide, as Envy took Breeze 13 – 8.

Map 2: FNS Ascends To Greatness Against

After having lost on their map pick, X10 headed into Ascent desperate to avoid more early tournament misery. X10 won the opening pistol round once more without much trouble. What followed was an intense back and forth as both teams struggled to gain a foothold over the other. This was a position that seemed to favor X10, as they absorbed a lot of Envy’s aggression with their well-organized defensive setups. Yet while their setups were looking good, their Economy was not as their over-buying tendencies came back to haunt them towards the end of the first half; as Envy edged out a narrow 7 – 5 lead heading into halftime. X10 were going to need a fast start in the second half if they wanted to stay in this.

X10 come out flying in the second pistol round. But that didn’t seem to faze Envy in the slightest, as they blitzed their way past their opponents; extending their lead and further establishing their dominance in this series. FNS proved to be the defining factor against X10, as he won gunfight after insane gunfight. And in the end Envy’s lead was well and truly insurmountable as they bagged a 13 – 7 win on Ascend; completing the 2 – 0 sweep over their SEA opponents.

Final Thoughts

Despite not getting to play on the main stage, Envy looked like a team on a mission throughout the match. Though they got off to a slow start on Breeze it didn’t take long for them to gain the upperhand. And, although X10 were matching Envy’s pace at various parts of the match, they never really seemed capable of causing an upset.

Ultimately Envy showed us in this match that they are a team to be feared in this tournament. And that they seem to be a class above the rest of the NA teams at Valorant Champions.

Envy will be moving on to face KeyD Stars in the Group A Winners match on December 4. Whereas X10 will be praying that things get better for them soon as they will be facing off against Acend in the first Elimination match for Group A.

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