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Fnatic are the first team qualified for VCT Champions playoffs after Vision Strikers win cover image

Fnatic are the first team qualified for VCT Champions playoffs after Vision Strikers win


Fnatic defeat Vision Strikers in a competitive three game series to become the first team qualified for VCT Champions playoffs.

Fnatic is showing their true nature as the LANimals of VALORANT and is now the first team qualified for the VCT Champions Playoffs after taking down the favorites Vision Strikers 2-1.

Fnatic’s strong mechanics overpower Vision Strikers on Icebox

Going into the series as underdogs, Fnatic set out on a mission to prove the doubters wrong, and their map to hopefully prove that was Icebox. And on their map pick, they immediately won the first five rounds. Vision Strikers managed to plant the Spike each of those rounds, collecting plant money, before Fnatic consistently retook the site to grab those rounds. This extra cash allowed Vision Strikers to remain competitive and they surged to bring the first half of Icebox to a stalemate.
In the second half, Vision Strikers took the early pistol rounds, but after Doma and Derke secured 4ks during a four-round rebuttal, Fnatic was ultimately able to take the first map 13-10.

Vision Strikers comeback on Haven to force game 3

On Haven, the first half looked like a replica of that on Icebox after both teams entered yet another 6-6 scoreline after the first half. Going into the second half, Vision Strikers were once again able to grab the pistol round, but Fnatic then went on a four-round winning streak.
Down 7-10, it looked like Fnatic would make the ultimate statement of a 2-0 victory over the South Koreans, but that was not the case. Instead, Vision Strikers went on a six-round tear with clutch mechanical outplays on BuZz’s Jett to bring the series to game 3.

Fnatic showcase Fracture masterclass to win against Vision Strikers

The teams then became the second series at VCT Champions to feature Fracture, and Fnatic showcased why they picked it. The EMEA team took the first half 9-3 and unfortunately, the VIsion Strikers were unable to come back as Fnatic celebrated their victory.
(Photo by Wojciech Wandzel/Riot Games)
(Photo by Wojciech Wandzel/Riot Games)
Fnatic will now have some time to prepare for their next series in the VCT Champions playoffs. Meanwhile, Vision Strikers will await the winner of Cloud9 vs Full Sense to see who they will need to defeat in order to join Fnatic.
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Images via VALORANT flickr.
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