Here’s everything that went down between Vision Strikers and Full Sense in VCT Champs opening best-of-three.

The culmination of the inaugural VCT season leads us to VCT Champions. Sixteen teams from across the globe will be battling it out to be crowned the best team in the world. To kick off Champs, Korea’s Vision Strikers took on Thailand’s Full Sense. Here is the first of many full series recaps for VCT Champions:

Map one: Vision Strikers dominant on Haven

Vision Strikers opted into Haven for map one, a map that they have an 88% win rate on. While Full Sense has earned the moniker of the “Korean killers”, it was Vision strikers who came out swinging in the early rounds. Although the teams’ kills were somewhat fairly distributed, Vision Striker’s Stax lead his side in the slaying department going into the second half.

With the score at 9-3 going into the second half, Vision Strikers had very little to do in order to go 1-0 up in this best-of-three. As they did in the first half, Vision Strikers won the opening pistol round although it was Full Sense that would come back swinging in the next two. Their hopes were quickly dashed as VS reclaimed control and won the map 13-5.

Map two: Vision Strikers shows their skill on Breeze

Although Breeze has featured heavily throughout competitive Valorant for some time, Vision Strikers has surprisingly only played the map once. That was against GonGo Prince in the quarter-finals of the Champions Tour Korea Stage 3: Challengers.

This makes Group D’s preparation for Vision Strikers that much harder with only one best-of-three to learn from. Although it was unclear how good Vision Strikers would be on Breeze, they again were quick out the gates. BuZz was having an incredible half of Jett with over 15 kills heading into the second half.

After another 9-3 start going into the second half, Vision Strikers were well poised to take the series 2-0. For the first time this series Full Sense was able to pick up the opening round, which was followed up by winning their purchase round. After winning the bonus round, Vision Strikers would go on to win the next two to close out the series.

Vision Strikers seemed to bring precision and a lot of strategy to their playstyle. The Thai squad of Full Sense was just not at the same level of their Korean counterparts.

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