Vivo KeyD turn up the ‘Heat’ on Breeze; shock Acend cover image

Vivo KeyD turn up the ‘Heat’ on Breeze; shock Acend


“Brazil is good in every game. We don’t worry too much with what people say” – Vivo KeyD’s Heat.

VCT Champions has gotten off to a great start as far as the EMEA sides go. Gambit, Fnatic, and Team Liquid have all gotten off to winning ways and now it is Acends turn. Acend is the heavy favorites coming into this best-of-three and should make quick work of Vivo KeyD.

Map one: Vivo KeyD puts on second-half masterclass

Acend's quest to give the EMEA a 4-0 start to Champs was already put into question as Vivo KeyD put on a dominating second-half display on Icebox. KeyD started off the game hot, winning the first four rounds and putting ACE on the backfoot. When Acend did finally find their footing, they went on to win six of the next eight rounds to tie the game up going into the second half.
With Icebox generically being a more offensive-oriented map, the pressure was on Vivo to take control of the game. They did just that, winning seven out of the next ten rounds to lead the series 1-0. Vivo's Heat was one of the standout players on the Jett, racking up 23 kills as well as seven first bloods.

Map two: Acend dominates on Bind to tie up series

After being picked apart in the second half on Icebox, Acend showcased their talent with an impressive showing on Bind. Acend from the get-go gained control of the map, winning the pistol round as well as their buy round. After losing to Vivo on the bonus, ACE would win seven of the next nine rounds to make it 9-3 going into the second half.
With the hard work already done in the first half, Acend closed out the series by winning the next four rounds. Zeek was one of the stand out players on this map with fifteen kills and five first bloods.

Map three: KeyD Breeze past Acend

The third map was Breeze, and a surprising one at that. Vivo KeyD are excellent on open maps where they can take duels and remain unpunished. A map like Breeze suited their playstyle and for many fans and analysts, it was surprising that that Acend allowed Breeze to be the decider. And Vivo KeyD was undefeated on Breeze, a feat they continue to hold after the match.

Valiant efforts, such as the one by cNED, were few and far between. There were instances of individual brilliance, but KeyD had many more of the same.
Ultimately KeyD won the series with a 13-8 score, but it looked much more comfortable for them. With 57 kills across the three maps, Heat was unstoppable for the most part.

"Brazil is good in every game. We don't worry too much with what people say" - Vivo KeyD Heat

In a post-match Interview, Heat said he wasn't concerned with Brazil's future in this game.

Brazil is good in every game. We don't worry too much with what people say. We just need time to show our game to the people. This match against Acend was just one game and we have a lot more to show you.

When asked about his teammate MWZera, Heat praised his calm demeanor and contribution to the team.
Vivo KeyD will next face the winner of Envy and X10.
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