The best plays from last week’s championship.

The RLCS X Finals were action packed and contained some insane plays. We break down the best goals, saves, and assists from all four regions last weekend.

RLCS X Finals was a success

After public doubts from the community about the format, Psyonix proved that its elongated format had some merit. Viewership numbers were good as fans consumed millions of hours of high level Rocket League last week.

With high stakes matches and a plethora of sick plays, lets look at some of our favorite highlights and the final results of the tournament.

The General NRG Jstn 1v3

No Sizz no problem as NRG cruised to a 2-0 series sweep of Spacestation Gaming. Justin "jstn." Morales had all the highlight plays on Championship sunday as the young star led his team to another championship. This goal was particularly impressive because jstn was able to force SSG into three separate 1v1s and won every single one.

Team Vitality Alpha54 dunks on Team BDS

Team BDS were heavy favorites to win the RLCS X Finals internationally or domestically. The French team had been way ahead of the competition all season long, but Team Vitality showed up in both series to steal the regional championship. In this clip, Yanis "Alpha54" Champenois brings down an insane dunk off the ceiling.

Ground Zero Torsos hits sick double tap

One of Oceania's finest, Daniel "Torsos" Parsons has had a decorated four year career. On Chiefs Esports Club he helped an Australian team reach their first ever top four placement at an RLCS Finals in Season 6. A keyboard and mouse player, Torsos has always been a Dominus main and his unique skillset translated to a big slam against Cringe Society.

True Neutral's Shadd blows Furia's mind

Not the craziest clip mechanically, but Argentinian standout Facundo "Shadd" Vallerino left everyone speechless with his bouncing goal. The ball was placed well for a teammate to finish it, but that was not necessary as both defenders were unable to get back to poke the ball and its momentum carried it forward enough to put True Neutral up 2-1 in the game.

NRG's Jstn is in a class of his own

Few North American players can hit big game shots like jstn. This is Rocket League? That was NRG's franchise player. In this clip jstn hit a flip reset right in front of a helpless Caden "sypical" Pellegrin. The play is a great testament of jstn's strong 1v1 skills and was a big reason why NRG looked so dominant against SSG.

RLCS X Finals Results

While the Rocket League community was disappointed with the lack of an international LAN, the RLCS Finals still had a lot of positive takeaways. The showmatches were great, the clips were nutty, and the finals were intense. In Europe the presumptive title favorites actually lost in a bracket reset, and NRG proved they are still championship material.

  • North American Champion: NRG Esports
  • European Champion: Team Vitality
  • Oceanic Champion: Ground Zero Gaming
  • South American Champion: True Neutral