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“More than Onliners”. Team BDS defeat The General NRG to secure first RLCS LAN title in two years cover image

“More than Onliners”. Team BDS defeat The General NRG to secure first RLCS LAN title in two years


The EU vs NA debate has been settled. For now..

The EU vs NA rivalry continued into the Grand finals of the RLCS Fall Major as Team BDS took down The General NRG 2-0 to secure victory. The RLCS Fall Major was the first Rocket League LAN event in over two years and fans were nothing short of ecstatic to watch their favorite players live in action. 
The RLCS Fall Major took place at the ESL Sweden Studio in Stockholm. It was the first LAN event in over two years and featured 16 of the best teams from all across the world. Team BDS and The General NRG, the best teams from EU and NA respectively, reached the Grand Finals for the ultimate EU vs NA showdown.
Europe won.
BDS won 2-0 (4-1, 4-3) to bring the championship back to Europe. 

The Swiss format group stage was a wake up call for some teams.

BDS faced some tough opponents in the Swiss-format group stage. They lost just one series to FaZe Clan but they also had some notable wins. Complexity, The General NRG and Endpoint succumbed to the BDS cars. 
The General NRG had a much more difficult time in the group stage. The North American squad went 3-2, losing to Endpoint and BDS. NRG are the current RLCS champions and set up a fitting match against BDS. 
But both teams had a relatively easy time past their opponents in the playoffs. BDS defeated Complexity and SMPR esports to reach the Grand finals. The General NRG took down Sandrock Gaming and FaZe Clan to do the same. At one point, The General NRG was facing elimination and it was particularly impressive to see the players pick themselves up to reach all the way to the Grand finals.

The Grand Finals: The battle between EU and NA

NRG took the first map, Mannfield, in OT. The only goal of the map was scored 12 seconds into overtime.
However, BDS struck back with four consecutive map wins on Forbidden Temple, DFH Stadium, Utopia Coliseum and Wasteland. Most of these matches featured extremely close score lines including a few overtime wins.
The Swiss team continued its momentum into the second series by winning the first two maps. But The General NRG won three of the next four maps to tie the series at 3-3. 
It all came down to the final map on Champions Field. And BDS won this map 2-0 due to two amazing goals by Extra to secure the RLCS title. Despite the loss, there was a silver lining for The General NRG, whose captain Garrett "GarrettG" Gordon set a new record for most goals on LAN in Rocket League

More than Onliners

Team BDS has been one of the most dominant teams in Europe over the past few years. The team’s performance has, however, carried an onliners tag. This victory on LAN, the first Rocket League LAN in over two years cements their position as the best team there is.
Team BDS secure the RLCS Fall LAN Major title after a close finish against The General NRG. Image Credit: BDS esports.
Team BDS secure the RLCS Fall LAN Major title after a close finish against The General NRG. Image Credit: BDS esports.
It was an emotional victory for the BDS players. Their emotions poured out after the close second series.
With this victory, Team BDS wins $90,000 and secures 601 points. The General NRG, on the other hand, wins $60,000 and 500 RLCS points.
Here is the complete prize pool distribution for the event:
  • 1st place: Team BDS.
  • 2nd place: The General NRG.
  • 3-4th place: SMPR esports.
  • 3-4th place: FaZe Clan.
  • 5-8th place: Dignitas.
  • 5-8th place: Complexity.
  • The 5-8th place: Endpoint CeX.
  • 5-8th place: Sandrock Gaming.
  • 9-11th place: G2 esports.
  • The 9-11th place: Renegades.
  • 9-11th place: Ground Zero Gaming.
  • 12-14th place: FURIA esports.
  • The12-14th place: Team Envy.
  • 12-14th place: Team Vitality.
  • 15-16th place: eRa Eternity.
  • 15-16th place: Tokyo Verdy Esports.
Stay tuned to for more information on the Rocket League esports scene and fresh updates. 
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