NASCAR and F1 themed cars are coming to Rocket League in Season 3. The new season launches soon.

Rocket League’s Season 3 kicks off on April 7 and features one of the game’s biggest collaborations to date. Formula One and NASCAR will join Psyonix as licensing partners. Rocket League players can soon witness real-life cars inside their favorite game.

What’s new in Rocket League Season 3?

NASCAR and Formula 1 cars are coming to Rocket League in Season 3. Each company will get its individual bundle in the game according to Psyonix. 

The game developer has also announced a new car model, the Tyranno. The Tyranno has a dominus hitbox and will arrive as part of the Rocket League pass in Season 3. 

In addition to the new car design and bundles, Rocket League will also feature the new DFH Stadium (Circuit). The classic Arena has been outfitted with a track and all the pageantry found trackside during a championship Sunday. DFH Stadium (Circuit) will be available to the Casual and Competitive Playlists and for Private Matches and Freeplay at the start of Season 3. 

<em>Rocket League will feature cars from NASCAR and F1. Image Credit: Psyonix/ </em><a href="" target="_blank" rel="noreferrer noopener nofollow"><em>Rocket League.</em></a>
Rocket League will feature cars from NASCAR and F1. Image Credit: Psyonix/ Rocket League.

Rocket League has seen rapid and steady growth since its launch. Epic Games bought Psyonix studios in 2019 and moved Rocket League from Steam to the Epic Games Store.

Last week, Psyonix announced they are working on Rocket League Sideswipe, a mobile game. The push towards mobile gaming will help increase the reach of the popular football-on-cars game. 

Season 3 will also feature new competitive tournament rewards. Season 2 competitive rewards will be available for a short period of time after the start of Season 3. Earlier this week, Epic Games introduced a Rocket League emote in Fortnite. Players can complete challenges in Fortnite till April 9 and earn rewards in both Fortnite as well as Rocket League. 

Team Rogue won the RLCS Spring Regional tournament after a 3-0 victory over Kansas City Pioneers in the North American division in the Rocket League Championship Series.

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