BDS won the Fall Major, repeated the performance in Winter and completed its dominance with the Spring Major victory. Team BDS are your RLCS Season X – Spring Major champions!!

Team BDS won the RLCS Season X - Spring Major after a 4-1 victory over Team Solary in the grand finals. With this victory, Team BDS won its third consecutive RLCS Major, having previously won the Fall and Winter Major.

BDS defeats Team Solary in RLCS Season X - Spring Major

<em>The RLCS Spring X bracket. Image Credit: Psyonix.</em>
The RLCS Spring X bracket. Image Credit: Psyonix.

Team BDS was a part of Group A in the RLCS Spring Major featuring opponents such as Vitality and Team Queso. BDS went undefeated through the group stage with an aggregate score of 12-4. On the other side, Team Solary had a similar score in Group B. 

The grand finals started with BDS roaring to a 3-0 lead. The team won Mannfield (night) in Overtime. Alex "Extra" Paoli took the ball by his own but still managed to score the goal to bring BDS its first map victory.

Evan "M0nkey M00n" Rogez started game 2 with a deflect to the back of the net. But it was Extra who built upon the team’s lead to take BDS to 2 goals. Team Solary was unable to score a single goal in Game 3 handing BDS a 3-0 lead in the series.

While Solary managed a comeback by winning game 4, it was too little too late. BDS was already on match point and after winning the fifth game, Team BDS completed the trifecta of RLCS Majors.

BDS Completes the three-peat

With this dominant victory BDS players take home $36,000 in prize money. They also secure 902 RLCS Circuit ranking points for their performance. BDS finished the RLCS Season X on top of the leaderboards  with 5301 points. The team has a commanding 1850 points lead over Renault Vitality. 

<em>The EU RLCS X leaderboard points. Image Credit: Psyonix.</em>
The EU RLCS X leaderboard points. Image Credit: Psyonix.

Prize pool distribution for the RLCS Season X Major

Here’s the RLCS X Spring European Major prize pool and Circuit Ranking points distribution.

  • 1. Team BDS - $36,000, 902 points.
  • 2. Solary - $18,000, 700 points.
  • 3-4. SK Gaming - $10,000, 560 points.
  • 3-4. Guild Esports - $10,000, 560 points.
  • 5-8. Top Blokes - $5,000, 420 points.
  • 5-8. Team Vitality - $5,000, 420 points.
  • 5-8. German Amigos - $5,000, 420 points.
  • 5-8. Team Queso - $5,000, 420 points.
  • 9-10. White Demons - $3,000, 300 points.
  • 9-10. BS+COMPETITION - $3,000, 300 points.

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