The recent announcement that the finale of the RLCS X Championships would not feature a LAN portion was an understandable yet disappointing decision for fans.

Psyonix announced the season ending tournament for RLCS Season X to a mixed reception from fans, pro players, and casters alike.

RLCS X Championship Week

Psyonix announced Thursday the conclusion to the RLCS "Season X" will feature more regional competition instead of a LAN. While Call of Duty, Overwatch and Valorant announced LANs for this year, Psyonix is repeating their "super regional" approach for 2021.

Unlike last year, Season X will see teams play multiple best of (five or seven) "sets" against each other. In Oceania and South America, the top two teams play each other in a set of three best of sevens to win the regional title. In Europe and North America, teams will go through a gauntlet of b05s and b07s to win a title.

The original prize pool for RLCS X was $1,000,000 which has been split four ways between the regions. Europe and North America received $400,000 each and Oceania and South America both received $100,000.

To mirror Worlds, there will be a "championship week" starting Tuesday June 15th and ending Sunday June 20th with the North American and European grand finals. Psyonix acknowledged that the community wanted a LAN, but health and safety comes first. However, this did not stop the community from having very vocal opinions about Championships.

Community Reaction... less than ideal

The community has been speculating for months on where a potential LAN would occur. Now with the announcement of no LAN this year, fans and pros feel cheated out of a proper ending to the extended season.

"Overall, I don't blame Psyonix for the decision, but It's definitely a bummer. Rocket League has gone without a LAN for so long and we're all looking forward to the next one so much that it's an expected kick in the gut to know that wait will continue. Additionally, the online format of the event restricts the competition by region which will feel much like the existing Regionals that have already been held, while continuing to deprive the community and players of the international competition we all so desperately crave."

Dan "Sammael" Sherman Collegiate Rocket League Commentator/Analyst

The format was meant to crown an international champion, and teams like BDS feel their prime was wasted on a meaningless super regional championship. Fans were looking forward to seeing BDS matchup against NA teams, and expected Psyonix to create a "mini bubble."

I love how Psyonix is staying ahead of the pandemic. They are giving the players and fans more Rocket League to enjoy with big prize pools, while putting health and safety first.

Sean "Spaceman" Rogers RLCS Season X Commentator/Analyst

Amidst a flurry of LAN announcements, Psyonix' choice to not hold one felt out of place. Some fans lashed out calling Rocket League a "tier 4" esport. While some fans and commentators agreed with Psyonix on health and safety concerns. Regardless, Rocket League will finish their season online this June.