Vitality have finally assembled the Danish-French superteam.Will they be the team that takes the throne from Navi?

The French Organization has finally announced the much-awaited addition of dupreeh, Magisk, and Zonic to the roster. This move will see the Legendary trio move away from Astralis. Vitality will hope to create another dynasty with one of CS's prodigal talents in ZywOo.

The End of French CS teams

After an underwhelming year with a failed rookie pickup in Kyojin, the organization has decided to go all out. After hinting at possible International moves since 2019 when they signed Shox, the team was unable to make those moves due to their last two roster changes being mid-season changes. Finally, they have pulled the trigger on an international move. The French scene was no longer strong enough to build an era contender.

When you have a god-tier player like ZywOo, the team needs to be contending for no.1 in the world at all times. And now the org has put together a roster that can possibly dethrone Navi and take over. Sadly this is the end of the line for one of the greatest Counter-Strike nations.

France may have never had an era, but they were always the runners-up to almost every dominant team in history. Even after a down-turn in 2018, Vitality was a renaissance powered by ZywOo. He re-invigorated the region into a top contender. Now the region will be represented by teams like DBL Poneyy and the revamped LDLC OL lineup.

The Danish Influx

Astralis was the greatest team to Ever play CS: GO. But in the past year, we've slowly seen the roster crumble. Once the GOATS, the roster was 16-1d by CIS's 4th best in Team Spirit to kick the year off at IEM Katowice. Since then we have seen the roster break down over time, Device's departure, Gla1ve's personal leave, Bubzkji and Lucky being in and out of the team. Eventually, the team ended the journey after failing to qualify for playoffs at PGL Stockholm 2021, marking an end to their streak of Majors in what was a disappointing performance.

Astralis, being the public perception controlling team that they are, immediately put out a statement saying that they were benching dupreeh and Magisk for poor performance and bringing in K0nfig and BlameF. This statement was of course totally false as the duo had chosen to not renew their contract with the Danes. Now Vitality has signed the duo alongside coach Zonic and Sports Psychologist Lars Robl.

Vitality's Giants

The new Vitality roster is filled with legendary pieces surrounding a rookie, a formula Vitality has found success with in the past.


ZywOo - The only contender to S1mple

ZywOo is a prodigy. An inhuman killing robot that was built for the sole purpose of dominating in CS. Born on the day of CS' release and with an uncanny ability to always be rested for battle, the French star came into the scene in 2019, and ever since then, he has been a top 2 player in the world.

I couldn’t be more excited to have dupreeh, magisk, and zonic join the team. Together they have achieved so much and I know there is a lot both myself and the team can learn from them. I am so ready to show everyone how far this team can go!”


As the only player to contend with S1mple, he has the potential to carry teams to victory on his own, but now he finally has a team around him that on paper will give him all the tools to contend with not just S1mple as an individual but also challenge S1mple's unbeatable NaVi.

apEX - From soldier to Leader

The transformation of apEX has been one of the most interesting storylines in the online era. After the surprise departure of ALEX early in 2020, the legendary entry fragger took over as the IGL. apEX was someone who had always been a soldier in the game. You tell him to enter out of A site apps 15 times, he will do it. Considering this "simplistic" playstyle, it was a surprise for many to see him take over the mantle of a leader.

Over the next two years, apEX has been working hard alongside the great coach XQTZZZ to develop into a top-tier IGL, something that the French scene lacked for many years. And with performances such as the IEM Winter win on LAN and the numerous online trophies, he has established himself as one of the best IGLs in the game today.

Now with the greatest coach ever standing behind him, he will look to continue his rise as an IGL and control the Vitality ship to the top.


misutaaa - The Rookie that could

The other side of the ALEX benching was the arrival of misutaaa. While his first few months as a 17-year-old rookie weren't amazing, he showed that he had the skill to hang. After Niveraa came into the roster as the 6th man, we saw the duo create a good partnership that allowed Vitality to flourish.

After finishing his education in early 2021, misutaaa started slowly developing into the true 2nd star ZywOo needed. At events like IEM Summer, the 18-year-old finally showed up and as the team enjoyed their last dance he brought that form to LAN.

In this team, he will have a much better opportunity to develop as he is surrounded by a proper functioning team that has stars to back ZywOo up even if misutaaa isn't on point. This will help him develop into a future star.

Magisk - The Missing Piece

Back in Early 2018, Astralis still fielded Kjaerbye and were struggling to find continuous success despite their Atlanta 2017 Major victory. When Kjaerbye decided to move to North in a controversial move, Astralis first looked to K0nfig. But when the move fell through, Magisk was picked up from a failing Optic Roster.

Despite being a move the team did not want to make, he ended up being the final piece to unlocking greatness. Not only did Astralis become the no.1 team in the world, they also went on and won the Intel Grand Slam, 3 Majors, and elevated CS to a level never seen before. Magisk was the missing piece then, a consistent rifler to complete the trio for Astralis, and he looks to do the same now.

The one thing ZywOo has always lacked is a set of stars alongside him. Magisk not only provides that but also brings in a secondary voice of leadership.


dupreeh - The Wingman

As part of the Astralis Core since 2013, Dupreeh was an integral piece for the years of success that team had. While Device was the star player for the Astralis era, Dupreeh was always his wingman. Whenever Device had a tough game, Dupreeh was there to remedy the situation with his unstoppable entries and strong rifling.

Now he is partnering up with ZywOo. While he isn't at the peak of his game, Dupreeh is still a competent rifler and a strong secondary AWPer. As a more supportive element in this team, he will be a strong role player that will give this team the roster depth any top team needs.

Team Vitality coaching staff

Vitality has always been one of the leaders in expanded coaching staffs. This has enabled them to innovate in the game with stuff like a 6 man roster. Replacing XQTZZZ with Zonic is an upgrade in itself, though the French coach has made his mark in history as one of the greats. But Vitality has expanded their roster even further with the signing of Lars Robl. He is the Sports Psychologist that helped players like Dev1ce get over their choking issue. With these changes, this is the Vitality coaching staff.

Vitality coaching staff. Image Credit: <a href="">Vitality</a>.
Vitality coaching staff. Image Credit: Vitality.

The new roster announcement comes as part of a €50M investment. This will be used over the next three years to nurture European super teams. The investment includes the recent reveal of Team Vitality’s League of Legends roster. It features World Champion finalist Luka “Perkz” Perković and back-to-back European champion Matyáš “Carzzy” Orság.

This scale of talent investment has never been seen in esports before and I am honoured to be leading the charge with these rosters which have the potential to make history in Europe and beyond. Since the beginning of our entrance into CS:GO, we have been working with intensity to get to the top and nurture some of the best talent France has to offer. It’s now time to think internationally and create a new CS:GO culture of European talent with legacy athletes. As proven winners, dupreeh, magisk & zonic have what it takes to move us from not just being a strong contender, but the best CS:GO team in the world.”

Fabien “Neo” Devide

Will Vitality be the one to take NaVi down? Stay tuned to to keep up with Vitality's Debut at BLAST Premier Spring Series 2022.

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