OG toppled the number one seed Astralis at the BLAST Premier showdown despite new roster change. Witness their manic reaction to the win inside!

OG will be moving on to the second round of the BLAST Premier Showdown after their victory against number one seed Astralis.

Astralis’ run at the BLAST Premier Showdown is thwarted by OG after losing 0-2 in the Round of 16. The international CS:GO roster in OG are playing with a new member, flameZ. As a a result, OG were moved to a lower seed in the tournament to accommodate for this late notice roster shuffle. 

While not a typical low seed, OG are still developing synergy with their newest addition. Still, even with the changes, OG came out hot on the first map Inferno. The International CS:GO roster took the first map 16-7. Danish player Valde led the charge for OG in Inferno, posting a strong 14-4 score with a 103 ADR.

OG win nailbiter against number one seed Astralis in overtime

The second map on Dust2 displays more competition from both sides. A reinvigorated Astralis started showing more firepower against a ready OG. While OG take the 1st pistol round, Astralis bounce back with Deagles to offset the momentum for OG.

This results in both teams keeping it close as Astralis slightly holds a lead 8-7 by the first half. The second half shows a similar narrative, only this time, OG take it 8-7, resulting in overtime.

Mantuu seals win for OG in overtime against number one seed Astralis

Both teams continued this competitive map on Dust2 going round for round with eachother. That is, until the final round of overtime came. In the final moments of the game, it was Xyp9x holding B site against Mantuu. In what looked like a usual stronghold for the Terrorist side, the OG player came in clutch to snipe the Danish player and defuse the bomb. 

After the match, newest OG member flameZ spoke about how great it was to win against Astralis in his debut. The new OG member also went on to talk about his seamless transition into the international CS:GO roster.

“We’re just having fun, practicing and enjoying each other. We’re really making a connection outside of CS. Aleksib is going through a lot of things with me. It’s going really well. It’s a matter of time before we can show our real potential,” said flameZ.

As OG and their new member flameZ move on at the BLAST Premier 2021 Spring Showdown, their roadmap looks better. Still, there will be a lot more CS:GO to win the tournament.

What the rest of BLAST Premier looks like for OG

OG took down a formidable opponent as heavy underdogs against Astralis. The International CS:GO roster will face off against the winner of G2 Esports and Endpoint in the round of 8. With this win, OG’s pathway toward the final looks very strong after their win against the number one seeded Astralis.

OG have just pulled off an amazing upset against Number One Seed Astralis in the first round of BLAST Premier Spring Showdown. Will OG continue their momentum in the tournament? Or will G2 or Endpoint show that the International CS:GO Roster’s win was a fluke? OG will look to reset once again for their next series on April 16. Until then, OG should enjoy their massive upset over number one seed Astralis. With flameZ, OG’s newest roster addition, the stride for OG is starting to look positive.

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