All the details of the RLCS Spring Major 2021-2022. Updated schedule and results here.

The RLCS Spring Major is coming soon! With all the hype of this being the last major of the season, sixteen teams from all around the world will meet on the field in less than a week. The tournament will last for 5 days from June 29 to July 3 at the Copper Box Arena in London, England.

We are going to be updating this page throughout the whole tournament so stay tuned.

You can check out the qualified teams, the prize pool, and the format over here.

Schedule and results for RLCS Spring Major 2021-2022

The tournament will be quite a thrill with a high-risk, double-elimination format. There will be two matches going on at the same time for Round 16 and Upper Quarterfinals, where you can watch the matches on the main stream or the alternate stream. The rest of the matches will be broadcasted on the main stream.

June 29 – Round of 16 and Upper Quarterfinals

Main StreamScoreAlternate StreamScore
[4 pm BST]Moist Esports vs. OpTic3:0G2 Esports vs. Gladiators3:0
[5 pm BST]Karmine Corp vs. FURIA3:0Team BDS vs. Team Secret0:3
[6 pm BST]Endpoint vs. Version10:3FaZe Clan vs. PWR3:0
[7 pm BST]Team Falcons vs. Team Liquid 3:1Spacestation vs. Pioneers3:2
[8 pm BST]G2 Esports vs. Karmine Corp2:3Version1 vs. Moist Esports 3:1
[9 pm BST]FaZe Clan vs. Team Falcons1:3Team Secret vs. Spacestation 1:3

June 30 – Lower Round 1

Main StreamScore
[4 pm BST]Gladiators vs. FURIA0:3
[5 pm BST]PWR vs. Team Liquid0:3
[6 pm BST]Team BDS vs. Pioneers0:3
[7 pm BST]Endpoint CeX vs. OpTic0:3

July 1 – Lower Round 2

Main StreamScore
[4 pm BST]Moist Esports vs. Pioneers 3:0
[5 pm BST]Team Secret vs. OpTic 0:3
[6 pm BST]FaZe Clan vs. FURIA2:3
[7 pm BST]G2 Esports vs. Team Liquid (LIVE)2:3

July 2 – Lower Round 3, Upper Semifinals, and Lower Quarterfinals

Main StreamScore
[4 pm BST]OpTic vs. FURIA1:3
[5 pm BST]Moist Esports vs. Team Liquid3:2
[6 pm BST]Karmine Corp vs. Version13:4
[7 pm BST]Team Falcons vs. Spacestation6:3
[8 pm BST]FURIA vs. Karmine Corp3:4
[9 pm BST]Moist Esports vs. Spacestation4:3

July 3 – Upper Finals, Lower Semifinal & Finals, Grand Finals

Main StreamScore
[4 pm BST]Version1 vs Team Falcons3:4
[5 pm BST]Karmine Corp vs. Moist Esports1:4
[6 pm BST]Version1 vs Moist Esports0:4
[7 pm BST]Team Falcons vs Moist Esports 3:4 (Bracket Reset)
[8 pm BST]Team Falcons vs Moist Esports 0:4

RLCS Spring Major Bracket

The RLCS 2021-2022 Spring Major bracket from Liquipedia

Where can you watch the RLCS Spring Major?

You can watch the Spring Major on these channels:

Rizzo and Athena Watch Party

After a very hyped Winter Major watch party, the power couple will be back this Spring Major! Dillon “Rizzo” Rizzo and Alejandra “Athena” will be doing an on-site watch party for the tournament. The last watch party was so well received that Rocket League decided to bring them to London.

The watch party will provide a more laid-back environment with pro-players and talents casually dropping by, giving their insights and having a wholesome interaction with each other. We can sit back, relax and join in the watch party on Rizzo’s Twitch Channel this coming Major.

Stay tuned to for more Rocket League news and updates.

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