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RLCS Spring Major Day 2: Team BDS, Endpoint CeX, and 2 more Eliminated from the Major

Day 2 recap of the RLCS 2021-2022 Spring Major. Which team has been eliminated from the Spring Major and which team continues on a Lower Bracket run?

Day Two of the Rocket League Championship Series (RLCS) 2021-2022 Spring Major is over. It is only 4 matches compared to yesterday, but it doesn't mean it is less intense! Four teams faced elimination through the Lower Bracket matches. Let’s have a quick recap on what happened during Day Two.

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FURIA Esports took down Gaimin Gladiators

Gladiators knew they have to start with a bang, and they did with a goal 7 seconds right after the first kickoff. Furia tried to breach Gladiator’s defence for a while until Yan "yanxnz" Xisto brought the ball to the goal and knocked off Abhai "Abscrazy" Ponna who tried to defend the goal, leaving the goal open to Gabriel "caard" Vieira for the score. The game ended with a 3: 2 win for Furia and still left hope for Gaimin Gladiator.

Game 2 just foreshadowed how bad it is going to be for Gaimin Gladiators with no goals to answer against 3 Furia’s goals. Game 3 is just nonsensical with goals after goals after goals, ending the game with a win for FURIA with a score of 9:0. Gaimin Gladiators, knowing their chance was small in the first place, bowed out gracefully out of the RLCS Spring Major

FURIA Esports survived the first elimination and is set to go against FaZe Clan.

Team Liquid put PWR's World Qualification in danger

Team Liquid has lost the smallest chance they had to go to the Worlds. But it doesn’t stop them from performing their best in the RLCS Spring Major. They go against PWR who has their chances to go to the Worlds hanging by the neck. If they lose the match and their Regional rival, Pioneers, win the next match, they will drop to the third rank of the Oceanian RLCS Ranking. This would minimize their chances to go to the Worlds. And that is exactly what happened.

In the first game, PWR was constantly trying to score them points but failed to break the defense of Team Liquid. They lost 1:2 to Team Liquid in Game 1. Game 2 shows PWR trying to turn Team Liquid's double commit to their advantage, which caught them up to 2:3 against Team Liquid but they failed to score their final goal. Game 2 falls to Team Liquid. In the last game, PWR started strong with a 2-goal lead but they crumbled under Team Liquid's constant attack and Team Liquid won with a 4:3 score.

Team Liquid continues through the Lower Bracket and will meet against G2 Esports. PWR unfortunately has to bow out of the tournament. The only chance they have now is for Pioneers to score a top 4 but till then, they will have to hold their breath.

Pioneers beat European's Number One, Team BDS

Pioneers went in with nothing to lose. In the Rocket League’s official team intro, Pioneers said they were just there as 16 year olds trying to have fun at the RLCS Spring Major. But little did they know, they will take down one of the strongest teams this season. Team BDS was just not having a great time at the LANdon. After falling to Team Secret in Round 16, people were eyeing them, wondering “What went wrong?” They honestly don’t need this Major as they already qualified for the World Championship but this is quite a huge upset for them.

Going into the elimination match against the Pioneers, anything can happen. The first game started with the Pioneers taking a shot at an open goal, pressuring Team BDS from early on. Game 1 ended with a win for the Pioneers with a 2:1 score. In Game 2, Pioneers started aggressively with a goal 9 seconds in. They were on a roll, getting another one before Seiko tried to gain some ground by scoring a goal. But it didn’t stop the Pioneers from scoring the next three goals, ending them with a win of 5:1. With Team BDS's last chance on the line, we were wondering - what is happening?

In the third game, Pioneers was on fire! Getting a goal two seconds after the kickoff goal, followed by another two goals, caused Team BDS to start feeling the burn of a loss. Evan "M0nkey M00n" Rogez took advantage of an open goal but that is still not enough. The players were already celebrating by the end, giving a free zero-second goal to Team BDS. This win has won them a place in the RLCS World Championship, and for a team that went there with little to hope for, they won big. 

Team BDS's run in the Spring Major ends prematurely. They are now going to focus on the upcoming Worlds. Pioneers will continue on their underdog run, meeting up against Moist Esports in the next series.

OpTic Gaming ends Endpoint Gaming's Major journey

Endpoint versus OpTic Gaming is the last series of the day that also ended with a sweep.

Game One was not it for Endpoint. OpTic was always shooting their shots, winning them the first game with a 5:2 score. Endpoint tried to redeem themselves in Game 2, always trying to catch up to OpTic's leads. But Optic's increasing aggression managed to stop Endpoint from trying to balance the score, leaving them to win Game 2 with a 3:2 score. Game 3 was just Endpoint trying to deflect the attacks of Optic and trying to bring the control to their side. With Optic leading 2 goals, Otto "Metsanauris" Kaipiainen managed to score a goal but that was the end of it as they take their loss of 1:2 against OpTic.

OpTic Gaming looked all pleased with themselves after the win. Braxton "Allushin" Lagarec said, "We prepped well as a team and we performed today so that's all that matters". Optic Gaming will meet against Team Secret in the next series of the Lower Bracket.

Endpoint CeX is quite disappointed with the result. It is not a complete disaster for them as we will still see them at the Worlds.

Updates on the World Championship qualification.

  • Pioneers winning the game against Team BDS and PWR falling to Team Liquid causes Pioneers to move up the RLCS rank. This secures Pioneers an invite to the World Championship Qualification, leaving PWR with a slim chance of them getting another slot to the Worlds.

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