Day 1 recap of the RLCS 2021-2022 Spring Major. Which team has secured the upper bracket and who faces elimination?

Day One of the Rocket League Championship Series (RLCS) 2021-2022 Spring Major is over! With twelve intense matches, the first day is filled with a number of unexpected results. The underdogs showed a lot of strength and willpower and the favourites are showed that they can bleed. Let’s have a quick recap on what happened during Day One.

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RLCS Spring Major Round 16 Match Recap

G2 Esports scored 11-1 goals against Gaimin Gladiators in the starting match.

Game one started with an unfortunate own goal by Gaimin Gladiator early in the game. They did their best to try and take control of the map but the game ended with a 5:0. Game two was more or less the same with G2 taking advantage of any lowered defence from Gaimin Gladiator. They won the game with 5 goals, Gaimin Gladiator managing to score one consolation goal. The third game shows an improvement where Gaimin Gladiator slowly starts to warm up to the pressure of LAN but it still wasn’t enough and they lost 2:0 to G2 Esports.

Gaimin Gladiators will have to fight their way through the lower bracket, the first matchup being against FURIA Esports, the giant of South America. G2 Esports move forward to Upper Quarterfinal to meet up against the Blue Wall, Karmine Corp.

Brand new OpTic Gaming got swept by Moist Esports

Moist Esports scored the first goal with a flip reset from Axel “Vatira” Touret. OpTic didn’t manage to take advantage of their spaces to gain shots, leading Moist Esports to take Game 1. In the next game, OpTic Esports manages to score their first Spring Major goal, which is quickly countered by Moist. In Game 3, OpTic manages to tidy up their attack but they can’t still counter Moist Esports’s attacks, ending the game with a 4:2.

Moist Esports will go on to fight Version on the Upper Bracket. Meanwhile, Optic Gaming will have to try to survive the Lower Bracket, starting with a matchup against Endpoint CeX.

Karmine Corp slew South American Beast with an 11-1.

Game 1 started with a goal from Karmine Corp, setting the tempo of the game. FURIA quickly scored a goal from the kickoff, trying to catch up with Karmine Corp but failed to do so as Karmine got a revenge kickoff goal soon after. FURIA was playing as aggressively as Karmine Corp but Karmine Crop managed to outplay them, ending with a 1:2 win. The next two games were just FURIA trying hard to defend their side of the field but failed to do so as Karmine Corp unleash their dominant play, winning Game 2 with a 4:0 and Game 3 with a 5:0.

Karmine Corp climbed the Upper bracket to fight against G2 Esports, the North America king. FURIA has to try and prove themselves in the Lower Bracket with a fight against Gaimin Gladiators.

Team Secret pulls a huge upset against Team BDS

It was just not a good day for Team BDS. The king of the European scene is quite a favorite this Major with them winning the last European regional. And Team Secret is a number 2 South American team with nothing to lose. People were in disbelief as Team Secret trashed Team BDS in a full sweep, knocking Team BDS to the Lower Bracket. The BDS couldn’t back enough to defend their backboard and Secret just found the opportunity to score every single time. 

Game one started with a goal for Team Secret, which raised some eyebrows. Everyone was still convinced that Team BDS could counter that and deliver a good performance. Team BDS managed to gain a goal but this is where Team Secret up their defence strategy and save every shot Team BDS attempted to do. Game one ended with a 4:1 win for Team Secret. Going into Game 2, Team Secret surprises everyone once again with a 3:2 win. Team BDS has learned to tidy up their defence but still can’t counter Team Secret’s increasing aggression. They went into the overtime and at the +2:59 minute, Roberto Lima “Sad” de Souza scored their winning goal.

Game 3 was the decider when Team BDS just melted against Team Secret’s confident play. Monkey Moon tried to turn things around with a kickoff goal but they lost the game with a 1:6.

Team Secret surprisingly rise to the Upper Bracket to meet up against Spacestation. Team BDS face elimination in the Lower Bracket with the next matchup being against Pioneers.

Version1 vs Endpoint CeX

Things didn’t look good for Endpoint as they tried to score goals but didn’t manage to get it, giving the first win to Version 1 with a 4:0. Game 2 comes with Endpoint trying to play more aggressively and was fortunate to gain a goal from an own goal by Kyle “Torment” Storer, leading them into overtime. Version1 didn’t give Endpoint a chance as they quickly score their winning goal, with a 2:1 win. Endpoint tried to snatch Game 3 in the overtime but a goal by Landon “BeastMode” Konerman ended their chance and they won the game with 2:1.

Version1 secured their Upper Bracket run with a match against Moist Esports. Endpoint CeX falls to the Lower Bracket and has to make a run for it with the first match against OpTic Gaming.

Team Falcon regrouped and take down newcomer Team Liquid

Going into Game One, Team Liquid was playing confidently, gaining a lead of 2 goals before Team Falcon managed to find an answer to their attacks. But they didn’t manage to snatch game one, with a 4:1 loss. Team Falcon knows they need to do something. In the next games, they improved their starts, winning 2: 1 in Game 2, a more convincing game 3 with a 3:! win and the last match shows how quickly Team Falcons adapt to a match with a sure 5:2 win against Team Liquid. This is the first match in RLCS Spring Major that is not a 3:0 sweep, which excites everyone.

Team Liquid falls to the Lower Bracket, having to face PWR in an elimination match. Team Falcons move forward in the Upper Bracket, having to go against FaZe Clan this Friday.

Faze Clan took a clean 3:0 against PWR

Faze Clan is a favourite to win, especially after their last amazing run in the Regional Event. They went against PWR, the winner of the last Ocenian Regional, looking to secure their spot in the World this coming August.

In Game One, PWR managed to get the first goal. Faze Clan was not having any of that and proceeded to secure six goals, with PWR managing to take a zero-second goal. Going into Game 2, PWR once again managed to gain the upper hand in the early games but was shut down goals after goals, ending with Faze Clan winning the match with 4:1. Last chance in Game 3 for PWR but they still couldn’t outplay FaZe Clan. Despite getting another zero-second goal, the match was done, and they lost to Faze Clan 4:1.

Faze Clan will continue to the Upper bracket to fight Team Falcons. Meanwhile, the PWR has to try to survive the Lower Bracket run, going against Team Liquid.

Spacestation Gaming took Game 5 vs Pioneers

Once a dominating force, Spacestation Gaming (SSG) is not a force to be ignored. Going against Pioneers, the team with the World Qualification on the line, it is definitely an interesting match-up.

This is the first series of the RLCS Spring Major where we get five games in a best of 5. Pioneers were aggressive with the shots and won the first game with a 2:1 score. SSG managed to balance the score in Game 2, bringing the game to overtime. It ended 4 minutes 25 seconds later with the Pioneers securing the last goal. Unfortunately for Pioneers who already smells the victory, SSG snapped into action with a 3:0 score in the third game and force a fifth game with an overtime score in Game 4. Pioneers tried to take Game 5 but they can’t manage to breach the defence of SSG and lost the matchup 1:4.

SSG will continue to the Upper Bracket to go against the surprise of the season, Team Secret. Meanwhile, Pioneers will have to hang on in the Lower Bracket, with the first matchup being against Team Liquid.

Upper Quarterfinal RLCS Spring Major Recap

Karmine Corp took down the NA powerhouse, G2 Esports

G2 Esports took Game 1 with a 3:1 win and won an overtime goal in the second game. Unfortunately for G2 Esports who were looking for a sweep, they got a reverse sweep instead. Karmine Corp, not a team to back down easily, managed to take Game 3 with a 2:1 win and a convincing win in Game 4 with a 5:2 win. G2 Esports is forced into a Game 5, where they seemed to have the upper hand in the early game with 2 goals, but Karmine Corp was not going to be left dry as they managed to force an overtime match. Reed “Chicago” Wilen saw a way to end the match and they won the fifth game at 4:2.

With this win, Karmine Corp is the only European team left in the upper bracket. They will face Version1 in the Upper Semifinals. Meanwhile, G2 fell to the lower bracket and have to face the winner of PWR vs Team Liquid.

Version1 kicks Moist Esports to the Lower Bracket

Game 1 was taken by Version1 with a 3:2 win. They started with a goal 11 seconds into the game, already showing their aggressive play. Two minutes in, with 2 goals from each side, they brought the game to overtime, where Torment scored the third goal, winning them the first game. The second game shows Moist Esports taking more shots, resulting in an overtime win of 2:1. This spark of hope was blown away by Version1 who took the third game in another overtime match with a 2:1. They kicked Moist Esports to the Lower Bracket with a convincing 5:1.

Version1 will go off against Karmine Crop next in the Upper Bracket. Moist Esports on the other hand will have to face the winner of Team BDS vs Pioneers.

Team Secret failed to ride the momentum of Upper Bracket and fall to Spacestation Gaming

Team Secret, although high on the recent win that places them in the Upper Bracket, was not able to secure the first two matches against SSG. They then managed to get an overtime goal in Game 3, but Spacestation is not giving up the Upper Bracket run, winning Game 4 with 1:0.

Team Secret falls to the Lower Bracket and will have to face the winner of Endpoint CeX vs. OpTic Gaming. Meanwhile, Spacestation will face Team Falcons in the Upper Bracket Semifinal of the RLCS Spring Major.

Team Falcons secured Top 6 of RLCS Spring Major with a win against FaZe Clan

It started as a good series for FaZe Clan as they take Game 1 in the overtime. From then on, Team Falcons, always the team to adapt, manages to take on the North American powerhouse in Game 2 with a 2:1 win and Game 3 with a 3:2 win. They put the final nail in the coffin with the last match, winning a strong 6:0 against FaZe Clan.

Faze Clan will have to climb through the Lower bracket with the first match being against the winner of Gaimin Gladiator vs. FURIA Esports. Meanwhile, Team Falcon continues in the Upper Bracket with the next match against Spacestation Gaming.

Who secured the Top 6 of the RLCS Spring Major?

Karmine Corp, Version1, Spacestation Gaming and Team Falcons will take a day off as they have survived as winners of the day. They have secured at least a Top 6 in the RLCS Spring Major and they will fight it out in the Upper Semi-Finals on July 2 in front of the London crowd.

Updates on the World Championship qualification.

  • Version1 qualified for the World Championship Wildcard after their win against Endpoint.
  • Karmine Corp was confirmed for the World Championship after their win against G2 Esports.
  • Optic qualified for the World Championship Wildcard after today’s result.

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