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Hearthstone emergency patch nerfs Solid Alibi and Lab Constructor

Days after the Titans expansion launch, the Hearthstone balance team announced an emergency patch to nerf two cards.

Today, Hearthstone posted that they will be nerfing Solid Alibi and Lab Constructor in an emergency patch, just a week after Titans arrived. While the expansion was well received and the community praised the new set, it seems that the balance team wasn't 100% satisfied.

This emergency patch bringing two nerfs is not the regular patch Hearthstone usually releases 2 weeks after the expansion launch. That will probably come the next week or the other. In this case, the reasons seem to be less data-driven.

Hearthstone nerfs Solid Alibi and Lab Constructor in the 27.0.3 patch

Emergency patches are not something usual. Hearthstone only recurs to them when they want to address a particular outlining issue. Most of the time this is a broken combo or an over-powered card.

This time it was a different reason. The 27.0.3 Hearthstone patch brings nerf to two cards that created an unpleasant game experience. Solid Alibi has been dodging nerfs for some time, just to add another similarity with its older sister Ice Block.

The powerful effect and Mage's capability of generating multiple copies in a single game forced the Hearthstone balance team to nerf it in an emergency post-expansion patch. On top of this change, there's another card that will suffer similar consequences, Lab Constructor.

Mech Rogue has been performing quite well this first Titans week, and while Lab Constructor isn't its best card, it will see a nerf out of the lack of interactivity it brings. After the Hearthstone Theorycrafting event, Zeddy predicted the card would become a problem and probably the devs had this nerf on their plans since then.

Community reactions to the 27.0.3 Hearthstone patch

With Hearthstone's hype levels on the rise after the Titans expansion, and most of the community agreeing on how fun the game was, one would think they wouldn't agree much with this balance patch and nerfs. While Meati agrees with the Solid Alibi nerf, the Hearthstone pro player states that he would like the Mage deck to maintain its powerlevel:

"Mage is a great deck to be S tier Happy to see Alibi getting a nerf, rather than the actual good cards (Keyboard, Reverb, Creation) Hoping that Mage remains S tier, and becomes even more fun."

This has to do with the fact that Zach from Vicious Syndicates points out. This round of Hearthstone nerfs the 27.0.3 patch will bring are not addressing power-level but play experience.

Changes always have resistance, especially when the meta is still developing. The 27.0.3 emergency patch could be taken as Hearthstone nerfing cards before seeing the whole picture. PocketTrain tweeted about this, stating his desire for new strategies to dethrone the prior Top Tier Decks.

"Really hope this doesn't change too much, don't want to see new stuff get nerfed to the point we're back just playing Control Priest/ Secret Rogue/ Hound Hunter/ Relic Demon Hunter."

PocketTrain about the Solid Alibi and Lab Constructor Nerfs

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