The TITANS are about to arrive, but when exactly is the new Hearthstone expansion launching? Check out our countdown and be there first.

We already know the 11 Titans, but when does the next Hearthstone expansion launch? If you can't wait for Titans to arrive at Hearthstone, we've got your back.

Below you can find a TITANS countdown so you are 100% sure you don't miss the upcoming Hearthstone expansion launch. Moreover, we've added a time zone converter, so you don't need to do any math (we know our Hearthstone players)!

Hearthstone Expansion, TITANS launch time

Hearthstone confirmed days ago that the TITANS expansion goes live on August 1, but at what time? Official Blizzard patch time is 10 a.m. PDT -aka Blizzard o'clock- but what time is that for those who don't live on the US West Coast? We present you the Hearthstone expansion launch countdown:


If you are wondering what is 10 a.m. PDT in your local time so you can set up an alarm and not miss when the next Hearthstone expansion goes live, you can check out this time zone converter.

Remember that once the expansion launches, you will need to re-login, but if you have opened Hearthstone in the days before the launch, there should be no need to download anything. Blizzard usually launches the 27.0 Hearthstone patch with all the necessary files for the TITANS expansion, a week before launch, so it should be coming around Tuesday, August 25.

The reason behind this is that Blizzard doesn't want to create a bottleneck on the expansion day, so once every card has been revealed, the patch goes out for players to download it in advance.

Open your packs ahead of the expansion

Hearthstone hasn't yet confirmed the usual pre-release weekend events, but it's expected that starting on Friday 28 players will be available to open their pre-orders before the TITANS expansion launch. We will be updating this article when the information is out, but to open those pre-order packs, you will need to set up Fireside Gatherings. A guide on how to create them is on its way!

Remember that you can only open Pre-Purchase packs in FSG. If you haven't bought any bundles, you should check our article on how to get free TITANS packs before the Hearthstone expansion launch to have a headstart.

Before you go, let me remember you that this expansion launch will also bring new Keywords to Hearthstone. Check out our guide on how the new Forge Keyword works in this article. Below you can find our guides and articles referring to the TITANS expansion and the new features coming to Hearthstone described in the 27.0 patch notes.

Feel free to explore our Hearthstone news and guides section for more related info. Be sure to visit for all the latest esports news. See you next time in the Tavern.

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