Choose your Hearthstone Titan and get up to six free Packs! cover image

Choose your Hearthstone Titan and get up to six free Packs!

Hearthstone is giving away more free packs than ever celebrating the TITANS expansion. Check out this Titanic contest and get some loot.

Ever since the Titans expansion presentation, Hearthstone has been announcing more and more ways to earn free packs. Today, with the release of "The Lore of the Titans" article, the Hearthstone team revealed that a new community event is coming with free packs for those who participate.

There are a total of 32 free Hearthstone packs to chase before the Titans expansion release. Let's go over the details of this contest and how to get some more packs.

Choose Your Titan and get free Hearthstone packs

We finally know all the upcoming Titans, and Hearthstone has organized a competition in which the community will vote their favorites and earn free packs by doing so. Some players might already have their favorites but hold on because to give each class a Titan, Hearthstone is also introducing some new characters.

"For our next expansion, Hearthstone is putting its own spin on World of Warcraft’s titan lore, inspired by established Warcraft stories and also creating some Hearthstone-specific aspects for our players to enjoy."

Extract from "The Lore of the Titans" Hearthstone post
V-07-TR-0N Prime—Rogue Titan - Image via Blizzard
V-07-TR-0N Prime—Rogue Titan - Image via Blizzard

V-07-TR-0N Prime and Amitus, the Peacekeeper are examples of these Hearthstone-specific Titans. They belong to the Rogue and Paladin classes, respectively and their addition helps to keep the balance of one Titan per class.

Amitus, the Peacekeeper—Paladin Titan - Image via Blizzard
Amitus, the Peacekeeper—Paladin Titan - Image via Blizzard

Despite them not belonging to the Warcraft Lore, they will also be competing in the next Hearthstone "Choose Your Titan" community event, no one wants to miss free packs it seems.

The competition will feature three voting rounds. This is the schedule and the prizes you can get.

  • 1st Round: Voting July 7-10
  • 2nd Round: Voting July 12-17
  • Final Round: Voting July 19-24

Each round will last one week and players who vote for their favorite Titan will get a free pack. But that's not all. If the Titan you chose makes it to the next round, you will get an additional free pack, both from the latest Hearthstone expansion, TITANS.

You can get up to six free packs in this "Choose Your Titan" community event. So vote now on the special event page.

One tip we could give you is to check out Social Media before casting your votes. There are some Hearthstone players organizing themselves and making campaigns in order to get the most free packs out of this contest.

In Reddit, the Hearthstone community is calling for a massive Sargeras vote, to guarantee its win and the extra free pack that choosing the most popular Titan gives too. The post has over a thousand upvotes, so I'd say that players are rallying votes.

More ways to get packs

On top of this Titans contest, Hearthstone is offering a bunch of free packs. The Hearthstone Community Day starting on July 1 will offer 11 free packs in the form of Twitch Drops celebrating the Titans expansion and the new Twist game mode.

Moreover, players can get up to 12 extra free packs with the incoming in-game events. The 26.6 Hearthstone patch notes announcing the TITANS expansion, also revealed the arrival of the Twist - New Age and Fire Festival events, with six free packs each.

Hearthstone free packs Fire Festival event
Hearthstone free packs Fire Festival event
Hearthstone free packs Twist event
Hearthstone free packs Twist event

To get the packs you need to accumulate event experience by playing the game and completing quests. Usually, if you are a regular player, you should not need to go out of your way to get the necessary XP to get all the rewards. These are the dates for the events:

  • Twist - New Age event: July 3 - 11
  • Fire Festival event: July 11 - August 1

As if this was not enough, there is also a Prime Gaming promotion giving out three Standard packs for free. This makes a total of 32 packs that players can get for free in the upcoming month. Totally unprecedented.

That's all for now, but stay tuned to we have a ton of Hearthstone coverage, so make sure you visit our news and guides section. See you next time in the Tavern.