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Free Hearthstone packs with Prime Gaming and where to get some more!

Prime Gaming offers three Hearthstone packs for free, and while it might be tempting to open them now, you might be better of if you wait.

Twitch is giving out some loot to Hearthstone players in the form of free packs, but this is exclusive to Prime Gaming users. However, there's a way to get that boost even if you are not a current Twitch Prime member.

Let's go over everything you need to know about these free Hearthstone packs and some ways to get some extra ones!

How to get free Hearthstone packs with Prime Gaming

Any Prime Gaming user can get three Hearthstone packs for free from this Amazon link. For it to work, you need to make sure you are both logged in to your Amazon or Prime Gaming account and that you have it connected to your account. This offer expires on July 19, so don't sleep on it.

Free Hearthstone Packs with Prime Gaming - Image via
Free Hearthstone Packs with Prime Gaming - Image via

Once you claim the loot, the free packs should appear in your Hearthstone client upon your next login. If you play on more than one server, make sure you are logging into the one you want to get the free packs on. Once you receive them in one server, you can't transfer them to another.

Free packs without being a Prime Member

Despite these free Hearthstone packs being exclusive to Prime Gaming members, there's a way to get them even if you are not subscribed to the service. Amazon offers an option to do a seven-days Prime Gaming trial for free.

Free Prime Gaming trial - image via
Free Prime Gaming trial - image via

Setting up the free trial is simple:

  • Go to any Prime Gaming page
  • Click on the top right "Try Prime" button
  • Check if your country is eligible for Amazon Prime or only Prime Gaming/Prime Video free trials
  • Click on "Continue" to log into your account and activate the free trial
  • Go back to the Prime Gaming Hearthstone loot page to claim the free packs

Pro tip and how to get more Hearthstone free packs

The packs Prime Gaming gives out for free are Standard packs. This means they contain cards for the current Standard sets. Considering this, if you already have a decent collection, you could hold it for some weeks and open them once the next Hearthstone expansion goes live.

If these free Prime Gaming Hearthstone packs aren't enough for you, you could find some more loot to prepare for the next expansion. It's likely that before the next Hearthstone expansion, Blizzard will give away several packs in the form of Twitch Drops.

On top of that, if you haven't completed the PvE Hearthstone content, more free packs are waiting for you there. Feel free to check out this guide about how to get more than 20 Hearthstone packs.

Stay tuned to for more Hearthstone news and updates. See you next time in the Tavern.