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Hearthstone Battle Ready decks for Twist and Wild

Hearthstone Twist is live, and Blizzard is offering Battle Ready decks for players to buy that also work in Wild. Here is all about them.

With Twist's official launch, Hearthstone is offering Battle Ready decks to help players with smaller collections catch up. Players can purchase these decks with Gold or cash and jump directly into Hearthstone Twist and even use them in Wild.

This time, Hearthstone is offering full Battle Ready decks as well as Lite versions marketed for Wild and Twist. Let's go over the six different decks Blizzard is offering for you to decide which is worth it.

Hearthstone Wild & Twist Battle Ready decks

First of all, if you don't know what Hearthstone Twist is, you should check our guide about the new game mode. To explain it in one sentence, it's an extended version of Standard -or a reduced version of Wild- with special rules that change every now and then.

Given that Twist uses cards that have rotated to Wild some time ago, Blizzard is offering players the option to purchase decks for 3200 Gold or $20 for their regular version and 12000 Gold or $80 for their all-Golden version.

The Hearthstone shop also offers budget versions with Battle Ready Lite decks for Wild and Twist for 1000 Gold or $8. Moreover, there's an option to buy these decks as bundles and get a small discount, getting 2 Battle Ready Decks, plus one Lite for $40.

The idea behind these decks is to provide a bridge between Standard and Twist.

Deck analysis

Let's start by saying that Hearthstone's Battle Ready decks are not competitive in Wild and you should only consider buying them if you are planning to play Twist. Before buying, consider that Twist seasons last for one month, so there's no warranty that these decks will be useful in October.

On the other hand, however, these Battle Ready decks are built around the archetypes buffed in the Caverns of Time Hearthstone set. This means that they are remakes of existing archetypes, like Jades, C'thun and Discard, that you might enjoy playing regardless of their power.

Hearthstone Battle Ready decks are not a great deal in terms of value if you plan to buy them for their dust. However, it might be a good way of getting a specific legendary for Gold. If you are a Wild player and are missing Patches, for example, you could get it for 1000 Gold, which is the equivalent of 10 packs.

On the competitive analysis, it might still be early to declare a meta tyrant or best deck. You can check out streamers to see which decks are popular and powerful, but in the end, make sure that the deck you are buying is something you enjoy playing either on Wild or Twist.

One last thing to mention, if you already have any of the cards included in the Hearthstone Twist Battle Ready deck of your choice, don’t worry, you are not losing value. You will get the Arcane Dust for the copies you already own.

If you found this esports.gg article useful, make sure you check our Hearthstone’s Guide section for more tips. See you next time in the tavern.