Get the most out of your Hearthstone Arena runs with this Tier List, including Heroes and Cards, to get that shiny 12 wins reward key.

Arena is one of Hearthstone’s most important game modes if you want to farm Gold and Packs, and today we are bringing you a Tier List and many tips to help your runs. In this article, we will analyse the different classes’ power levels, and show you useful resources to use in the game mode. Are you ready to take your Arena runs to another level with this data-supported Tier List?

Hearthstone Arena Class Tier List

Arena is a Hearthstone game mode in which you pick a class and draft your deck one card at a time. Then, the action starts, battling against other players in a knock-out-style format with sweet rewards depending on your performance. In Arena knowing Hearthstone’s fundamentals is as important as knowing which the best classes are, so let’s start with the Tier List.

HsReplay Hearthstone Arena Class Tier List
HsReplay Arena Class Tier List

For this Tier List, we will be taking data from two of the best Hearthstone statistic sites: HsReplay and HearthArena.

HearthArena Hearthstone Arena Class Tier List
HearthArena Class Tier List

These Hearthstone Arena Tier Lists are pretty straightforward. The better the win rate or tier, the better chances you will have for an amazing run. However, sometimes you are not offered any of the decent options, and you have to manoeuvre with an underperforming class. Don’t lose hope you can still have a good run despite missing the best in the Tier List.

Hearthstone Arena Card Tier List

In the same way that some Heroes are better than others, some cards are way better than the others offered during the draft. Identifying each card’s potential is paramount for succeeding despite not getting a good Hero or getting a shot to that 12 win run. Let’s talk about Hearthstone Arena Card Tier Lists and the tools you can use to make your life easier.

HsReplay Card Tier List

If you are in doubt about which is the best card to pick, one of the best ways to decide is to see stats. HsReplay has a Hearthstone Arena Card Tier List full of data that you can use to maximize your deck’s power level.

Hearthstone Replay Arena Card Tier List
HsReplay Arena Card Tier List

This list will give you a sense of which cards are the best ones (use Deck Winrate stats) and their popularity (In % of Decks). These are two good indicators you can use to decide on which are the better cards. Furthermore, you can use the search tool to turn this Hearthstone Arena Card Tier List into a picking tool. Write the names of the cards you are offered and you will clearly see the difference between them.

HsReplay search Arena Card Search Tool

HearthArena Tool

One of the most popular Arena tools that have the same Tier List focus is the HearthArena app. This app works similarly to HsReplay, but it has an in-game overlay to help you during the draft. It gives each Hearthstone Arena card a specific Rating in its own data-driven Tier List and displays it during your draft. Moreover, it tells you possible synergies with the rest of your deck and warns you if you are missing any type of card.

HearthArena Hearthstone Arena Tier List
HearthArena Drafting Assistant

You can also access the Hearthstone Arena Card Tier List in the HearthArena app or on their webpage too. On top of that, HearthArena also records your performance so you can track your runs and see how you are doing.

I hope you have enjoyed this Arena Tier List and the extra tips. If you want to master your drafting skills, don’t forget to read our Hearthstone Arena Drafting Guide. Stay tuned to for more Hearthstone news and updates. See you next time, in the tavern.


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