Get 11 free Hearthstone packs with the Community Day event Twitch Drops cover image

Get 11 free Hearthstone packs with the Community Day event Twitch Drops

Time to get some loot with Hearthstone Twitch Drops, 11 free packs are waiting on the Community Day event.

Hearthstone is giving away the most amount of free packs in a single Twitch Drop event ever during Community Day. With the motive of celebrating the new Hearthstone Twist game mode and the TITANS expansion announcement, Blizzard is giving away 11 free packs next weekend.

Community Day Event & Hearthstone Twitch Drops

During July 1 and 2, Blizzard will be hosting a special celebration event. Community Day will start at 12 pm PDT on Saturday and will go on for 24hrs. During this time, viewers who watch any Hearthstone stream will get up to 11 free packs in the form of six Twitch Drops.

Each Twitch Drop has a different set of Hearthstone free packs. The packs range from Ashes of Outlands to the latest expansion TITANS. Here is how they work.

For each hour of watching any Hearthstone stream, you will get:

  • First hour: 1 Ashes of Outland Pack + 1 Scholomance Academy Pack
  • Second hour: 1 Madness at the Darkmoon Faire Pack + 1 Forged in the Barrens Pack
  • Third hour: 1 United in Stormwind Pack + 1 Fractured in Alterac Valley Pack
  • Fourth hour: 1 Voyage to the Sunken City Pack + 1 Murder at Castle Nathria Pack
  • Fifth hour: 1 March of the Lich King Pack + 1 Festival of Legends Pack
  • Sixth hour: 1 TITANS Pack

It's likely that you will need to claim each Hearthstone Twitch Drop separately before you start accumulating progress toward the next batch of free packs. Make sure you check your Twitch Inventory for that!

Remember that you can also get 3 free Hearthstone packs with Prime Gaming too! Check out how in this article.

How to connect your Twitch and account

To do that, you need to go to your account and scroll down to connect it to Twitch. After doing that, refresh any Hearthstone stream with active drops and start progressing toward your free packs.

To make sure everything is going fine and you will get your Hearthstone free packs, you can check your Twitch Inventory. In this Drops and Rewards section, you will see every detail about the Twitch Drops promotion and how much time you need to keep watching the Community Day streams to get those free Hearthstone packs.

Make sure that you claim your Community Day free packs after completing the viewing time. After that, the free packs earned via Twitch Drops should appear in your Hearthstone client.

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