Hearthstone updated the Free Decks for the Titans expansion. We analyze them and help you find the perfect fit.

If you want to try out Hearthstone for the first time, or if you have been away and want to come back, check out these Free Decks. Hearthstone on the 27.0 patch updated the Free Decks given to new and returning players for the Titans expansion.

The Hearthstone team has confirmed that free decks are no longer limited to one deck per account. This means that if you have received a free deck in the past, but you spent over 90 days without logging in, you will be eligible once again to get one!

Hearthstone Free-Loaner decks presentation image by Blizzard
Hearthstone Free-Loaner decks presentation image by Blizzard

How to get a Free Deck?

You got it right Hearthstone is giving out Free Decks for new players to try the game or for returning players to catch up. This is a great time to start or return to the game. Titans, the second expansion of 2023 launched on August 1, and with its arrival 145 new cards entered the game creating a new meta. This means that getting a free deck will boost your collection enough for you to be competitive and start farming new packs.

To be eligible for a Free or Loaner Deck, you need to create a brand new Hearthstone account, complete the tutorial, the Starter Questline, and graduate from the New Player Ranks (40-1). But wait, if you haven’t been active in the last 90 days, you will also be eligible for Hearthstone Free or Loaner Deck.

What's more, now, Hearthstone players are able to test the free decks before claiming them with the new Loaner decks feature. Loaner decks allow players to play 6 different free decks for a week before deciding which one to keep!

Hearthstone Loaner / Free Decks from previous expansion - Image via esports.gg
Hearthstone Loaner / Free Decks from previous expansion - Image via esports.gg

How to choose a Hearthstone Free Deck?

Eligible players will get to choose from 6 different Hearthstone Free Decks, so which is the best one? This is a tricky question to answer, the first thing you need to think about is what you enjoy playing. Most of the time is better to choose the deck you enjoy the most rather than the most powerful.

If you are new to Hearthstone, I’d recommend you to go for a Tempo/Aggresive archetype, these Free Decks are the best introduction to the game basics. On the other hand, if you are a returning player that wants to nourish your collection, you might want to go for the ones with the “most Arcane Dust value”.

It could be the case that you are new to Hearthstone but not to card games, so you have the experience and want to go competitive from scratch. In that case, I'll also be sharing how can you upgrade your decks to turn them into their best version.

Every Hearthstone Free Deck

Druid - Rampant Growth

Ramp your mana with Nourish and Wild Growth to set up for powerful minions to close the game out!


Druid - Rampant Growth<br>Free Hearthstone Deck
Druid - Rampant Growth
Free Hearthstone Deck
  • Play Style: EZ BIG EZ DRUID. Spend your early turns ramping your Mana to drop your big threats.
  • Value: Average - 4 Legendaries (Rhythm and Roots, Colaque, Sesselie of the Fae Court and Neptulon the Tidehunter) and 2 Epic (Timber Tambourine x2)
  • Comment: This deck doesn't seem to be great or easy to play either. Unless you are into this type of archetype, I'd recommend you to evaluate other options.

Hunter - Mister Mukla’s Beastly Band

Mister Mukla’s getting the band together! Help him out by summoning big beasts and slinging around bananas.

Code: AAECAR8GqZ8E4Z8E57kEsJMF6soF0/gFDOrpA4iyBMzkBNDkBKeQBaqkBa6kBebKBY/kBfPyBeT1BdL4BQAA

  • Play Style: Midrange tempo based. The shell of the Beast Hunter has been around for some time already. Get on board early to put some pressure and then overwhelm your opponent with big Beasts.
  • Value: Average - 4 Legendaries (Hope of Quel'Thalas, Mister Mukla, Hydralodon and Stranglethorn Heart) and 2 Epics (Wild Spirits x2)
  • Comment: While it is unknown how well it will perform in the Titans meta, it has a good history and is somewhat straightforward to play.
Hunter - Mister Mukla’s Beastly Band<br>Free Hearthstone Deck
Hunter - Mister Mukla’s Beastly Band
Free Hearthstone Deck

Mage - Arcane Power

Overwhelm your opponent with Arcane magic! Add lots of Arcane Bolts to empower later with Manathirst!


Mage - Arcane Power
Mage - Arcane Power
  • Play Style: Flexible. You can try and aggro down your opponents with early game damage and then burn from hand, plan a more grindy game banking on your armor or take the combo route and prepare lethal from hand thanks to Awgwynn and Vexallus.
  • Value: Good - 3 Legendaries (Infinitize the Maxitude, Commander Sivara and Vexallus) 6 Epic (Prismatic Elemental x2, Solid Alibi x2 and Volume Up x2)
  • Comment: This might give you the most tools from all the Free Hearthstone decks. The Epic and Legendary cards should see play in the Titans expansion. Moreover, the fact that its playstyle is flexible might give you a better experience.

Paladin - A Legendary Invitation

The Countess is a bit picky with her party invites. With this deck full of Paladin cards, she just might invite you…


  • Play Style: Tempo. Develop your stats on board, try to close the game by turn 7 and if that doesn't work, ask for Order in the Court and invite some Legendary Minions to help you with The Countess. If you time it correctly you can play, Lightrays for free, followed by The Countess combo and let the free Legendary minions do the rest.
  • Value: Superb - 5 Legendaries (Blood Matriarch Liadrin, The Puraton, Anachronos, The Countess and The Leviathan) and no Epics
  • Comment: This is indeed a powerful Hearthstone Free Deck. Not only is it a good deck but it brings 5 Legendary cards that will probably be used in other archetypes later this year too.

Paladin - A Legendary Invitation<br>Hearthstone Free Deck
Paladin - A Legendary Invitation
Hearthstone Free Deck

Shaman - Totemic Mastery

Carve your way to victory with an army of Totems. Buff them up with The Stonewright or Bloodlust for a game-ending push!


Shaman - Totemic Mastery<br>Free Hearthstone Deck
Shaman - Totemic Mastery
Free Hearthstone Deck
  • Play Style: Tempo. Summon Totem after Totem and reduce your big threats such as Thing from Below and Gigantotem. The Stonewright is a key card in almost any game so try to play it as early as possible. The has little to no comeback mechanisms so try to stay ahead on board.
  • Value: Good - 3 Legendaries (The Stonewright, Magatha, Bane of Music and Rotgill) and 6 Epics (Mistake x2, Amalgam of the Deep x2 and Gigantotem x2)
  • Comment: Totem Shaman has been an average deck for some time now. The issue is that it is a linear tribal archetype. It is hard to utilize its key pieces on other decks. Pick it only if you are a Fantotem.

Warrior - Embrace the Pain

No pain, no gain is the motto for this Warrior deck! Damage your own minions to empower them and overwhelm your opponent.



  • Play Style: Flexible. You need to be aware of self-inflicting damage synergies. Order matters a lot in this deck, this will help to master this skill. It has some combo synergies where you buff your key Legendaries to deliver a lethal blow against control. It is not a simple deck to pilot optimally.
  • Value: Low - 3 Legendaries (Thori'belore, Decimator Olgra and Remoria, Living Blade, the Great Thresher) and 4 Epics (Sunfury Champion x2 and Bridge Riff x2)
  • Comment: This deck was decent before the Titans expansions, but it might not play the same build now. The Dust value is low, but Olgra and Remoria are cards that fit into multiple archetypes. Check the performance of other Warrior builds before picking it.
Embrace the Pain Warrior Deck
Embrace the Pain Warrior Deck

To sum up

Finally, time for conclusions. So after all this, which Free Hearthstone Deck should you choose? The answer is the one that fits your needs. Do you have a preferred playstyle? Are you new to the game and need to learn the basics? Are you returning and want to nourish your collection? Those are the questions that will lead you to your correct answer.

If we compare these Loaner decks with the ones Hearthstone gave for free in the past expansion, we only notice two changes. Rogue and Warlock aren't offered anymore in favor of including Shaman and Druid. Some cards vary among the repeated classes, but check that out if you claimed one in the past, you might have many pieces of it.

Also, remember that new cards impact the power balance of every deck, so make sure to recheck stats and power level of the decks at the time you are claiming them. Right now we can't speak much of how good these decks will be in the Titans expansion since the meta is still fresh.

However, the six mentioned decks have proven to perform well in previous metagames. While this isn't an indicator of future power level, at least we have seen them shine. What's left to do is analyze how the new cards can support these archetypes.

One last thing to mention, if you already have any of the cards included in the Hearthstone Free Deck of your choice, don’t worry, you are not losing value. You will get the Arcane Dust for the copies you already own.

If you found this esports.gg article useful, make sure you check our Hearthstone’s Guide section for more tips. See you next time in the tavern.