Hearthstone Deck Tier List for Titans Expansion Week 1 by Nohandsgamer cover image

Hearthstone Deck Tier List for Titans Expansion Week 1 by Nohandsgamer

The Titans expansion launched days ago, but Hearthstone content creators have already drawn conclusions about which are the best decks to play.

While Hearthstone's meta is still shifting and evolving, some decks start to rise over others in this week 1 of the Titans expansion. Nohandsgamer, a renowned Hearthstone content creator, former Grandmaster and superb deck builder, released a Tier List with the best decks in his opinion.

To eliminate bias, we've also included other pro players' opinions as well. Let's go over what the Hearthstone masterminds think about this early Titans meta, deck codes below.

Best Hearthstone decks for Titans Week 1

The Titans expansion has been a blast so far. The new mechanics seem impactful, there are many new archetypes on the rise and it truly feels like a new game. But with so many changes it's hard to track what the best decks are.

Fortunately, Nohandsgamer posted a Titans deck Tier List to guide those Hearthstone players who like net decking. First of all, make sure you leave him a follow, his content is both educational and entertaining.

Hearthstone Titans Tier 1 decks

According to Nohandsgamer, these are the best three decks in Hearthstone right now:

  1. Rainbow Mage
  2. Mech Rogue
  3. Hound Hunter

Rainbow Mage deck code:


Mech Rogue deck code:


Hound Hunter deck code:


To add some reference about the powerlevel of these Hearthstone decks, PocketTrain reached #1 Legend just a few days ago with a similar version of Rainbow Mage.

As a general rule, you shouldn't run and craft them if you don't have plenty of resources, the metagame is still evolving and everything could change in a week. On top of that, Hearthstone's devs team usually throws some balance changes two weeks into the expansion.

Hearthstone Titans Tier 2 decks

Not every deck gets to be the best, but at the same time, it doesn't mean that you can't win if you are not piloting a Tier 2 archetype. In this second step of the Hearthstone Titans Tier List, Nohandsgamer puts the following decks:

  • Control Priest
  • Nature Shaman
  • Thaddius Warlock
  • Drum Druid

Control Priest deck code:


Nature Shaman deck code:


Thaddius Warlock deck code:


Drum Druid deck code:


While Control Priest might be praying on unrefined archetypes, the news is that Nature Shaman, a deck born out of the Titans Hearthstone expansion is up there too. What's more, Feno gave his take on Nature Shaman if you want to try out a different variant.

Additionally, Nohandsgamer mentions that there are a bunch of other Hearthstone archetypes that have the potential to be part of this Tier 2 category. The issue is that with the short period, it's hard to test and gather data on everything.

Nevertheless, if you are curious about these maybe hidden gems, you can experiment with the following:

Linked on the deck names you can find the most popular lists from HSReplay.net for you to check.

Despite the initial hype about the Plague Death Knight, appealing to Bomb Warrior nostalgia, the deck doesn't seem to perform in the current Hearthstone meta above Tier 3.

However, if you want to live the Lich King's dream and infest every opponent, here you have NHG's suggested list.

Plague Death Knight deck code:


Closing thoughts

After all this deck talk, we should also point out that the Titans expansion has brought joy to the Hearthstone community with new decks, mechanics and puzzles to solve. Even balance-wise it seems that nothing is too way off the line.

"Hearthstone is really fun right now! I hope the balance team is not too eager to make changes just for the sake of changes. Things might be strong, but there are lots of strong things and lots of developments left to be had."

Nohandsgamer about the current Hearthstone Meta

As you've probably seen on social media, many content creators are expressing their positive feelings about the new set and there's no controversy there, yes, even Zeddy had a good time during expansion day.

Before leaving I want to stress that you should analyze your budget and resources before crafting a deck that might not be as powerful as it is today in a matter of weeks. Also, make sure you check out the rest of the content we have prepared for this Titans Hearthstone expansion where you'll be able to find even more decks and collection management tips!

As always, stay tuned for more Hearthstone news and updates.