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Top 7 Fortnite Competitive players to watch for in 2024

Here are the Fortnite Competitive players to watch for in 2024.

Fortnite Competitive had it all in 2023: a $4 million LAN, a genuine tournament structure, and the best players continuing to prove where they stand amongst the pack. However, 2023 is now old news, and the Fortnite Competitive scene is eager to kick off 2024 with a bang. As players and fans await the Fortnite Champion Series (FNCS) news for the year ahead, here are some key players and storylines.

Cooper & Mero

There's no better place to start than with the reigning Fortnite Champion Series (FNCS) Global Champions. Against all odds, the pair of Mero and Cooper started slow at the $4 million FNCS LAN, but it's not about how you start but how you finish. With all eyes on the 2022 FNCS Invitational winners Kami and Setty, Mero and Cooper dominated Championship Sunday when the lights were brightest.

It's unclear how long this Duo will stick together. However, as it stands, Cooper and Mero will remain a team for the immediate future. Naturally, it's challenging not to highlight the consensus best Duo in the world following their performance in Denmark.

Kami & Setty

Another year of Duos likely means Polish players and 2022 FNCS Invitational winners Kami and Setty will return for another full year. After reflecting upon their efforts in 2023, it was another successful endeavor for the two. Kami won the Gamers8 Zero Build LAN, the two qualified for all four FNCS Major Grand Finals, and they came within striking distance of the 2023 Global Championship.

Kami and Setty have become a constant in Fortnite, with many expecting them to stay consistent and contend for Championships. There is no reason to think otherwise, with Duos remaining the primary Fortnite Competitive format throughout 2024.

Veno & Queasy

Veno and Queasy are no longer a Duo despite turning in one of the most dominant FNCS performances last year. The pair entered the FNCS Major 2 Finals as favorites, but not many expected them to win half of their matches across two days. Unfortunately, Veno has moved on to team with multi-FNCS winner TaySon, while Queasy and Th0masHD are likely to compete together.

These two are always in the "best players" discussion, and there is no reason to believe their success won't continue in 2024. It's always possible that the two do not mesh well with their new teammates, which could open the door for them to reunite.


No player has begun the year with more hype than North American talent PeterBot. Hundreds of thousands of viewers have marveled at this young player's ability to dominate Victory Cups, regularly dropping 30-elimination games with relative ease. Pair his ability with his personality, and you have the makings of the next Fortnite superstar.

Some may not recall that PeterBot already has an FNCS victory, having won alongside former Duo partner Bylah in Chapter 3 Season 2. Back then, other professional players thought he was cheating. Nowadays, he streams in front of thousands and has hit his stride from a talent standpoint. It would not be bold to say PeterBot will win an FNCS in 2024.


Fortnite World Cup and multi-FNCS winner Bugha is always under a microscope. Many believe him to be the best player of all time. 2024 was somewhat of a down year for the veteran, but even a down year is not bad for Bugha. He teamed with Threats and the aforementioned PeterBot, producing FNCS Major Grand Finals results of 16th, 5th, and 2nd before placing 23rd at the FNCS Global Championship.

Bugha has proven that his skills are still among the world's best. It's fair to believe that the Fortnite Competitive legend will be in the mix for another FNCS victory in 2024.

MrSavage & Mongraal

Mongraal is back in Fortnite and has picked up right where he left when he left the scene many seasons ago. Anyone tuning in to Mongraal's streams understands that the mechanics have not left him despite the lengthy absence. What began during the Fortnite OG craze has continued into a complete Fortnite Competitive return in 2024 for Mongraal alongside fellow legend MrSavage.

While the expectations are fairly low for this duo, it will be a fascinating story as Mongraal attempts to position himself back atop the competitive scene. Furthermore, the added storyline of MrSavage seeking his first FNCS title makes it even more intriguing.

Honorable Mentions

  • Khanada
  • Cold
  • Acorn
  • Edgey
  • Vic0
  • Clix
  • EpikWhale

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