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FNCS Invitational press conference highlights ft. champions Kami & Setty

Here’s what FNCS Invitational 2022 winners Kami and Setty had to say following their incredible victory this past Sunday.

The dust settled yesterday evening following two intense days at the FNCS Invitational 2022. When all was said and done, the Polish duo of Kami and Setty stood tall over all 49 opponents. Across two days, no one played more consistently than Kami and Setty. 

The two Polish players collected four Victory Royales across 12 matches and ultimately won the most crucial spawn fight of their lives to hoist the FNCS Invitational trophy. Kami and Setty's calm demeanor and confidence were on display all weekend.

Even in the face of Queasy and Veno contesting them, these two remained calm and took care of business. As a result, the dynamic duo claimed the $200K grand prize and added an in-person FNCS title to their growing list of accomplishments.

After winning the tournament, Kami and Setty sat down for a post-FNCS Invitational press conference. Here's what we learned from the winners. 

Kami and Setty did not know Queasy and Veno were contesting them in game 12

The FNCS Invitational day one leaders–Queasy and Veno–watched friendly rivals Kami and Setty win game 11 and took the lead for the first time since day one. The two had a critical decision to make; either play the game out business as usual or catch the Polish duo off-guard. Ultimately, Queasy and Veno chose to contest Kami and Setty at the Kami Split. The Polish team triumphed but was not sure who they were battling.

"For me, I didn't know it was Queasy, to be honest," said Setty. "I thought it was a random team trying to grief us, but we got out-dropped, so we were just trying to fight for the other side [of their drop spot] and just pray for good guns. We got very bad guns but still came out on top."

It was a fascinating development that worked out in Kami and Setty's favor. After two days of competition, we wanted to know what would come next for the Polish players. Would they take a break or some time off from the game?

"Never [laughs]. We are not taking a break. We are going to Atlanta tomorrow for the next tournament."

Beyond DreamHack Atlanta next weekend, Epic Games announced the conclusion of Fortnite Chapter 3 during the FNCS Invitational 2022. That begged the question, what do the FNCS Invitational Champions hope to see next for competitive Fortnite?

"I hope there's going to be trios and World Cup with more in-person events," said Setty.

The FNCS Invitational was the first in-person event run entirely by Epic Games since the 2019 Fortnite World Cup. Kami and Setty want to see the return of FNCS trios and more LAN competitions.

Setty speaks to the role of Become Legends in his and Kami's career

Kami and Setty are a rare case of two players that compete under the same esports organization. In this case, the homegrown brand known as Become Legends has played a vital role in the success of both players. We wanted to understand how crucial organization owner Reno and the brand have been to Kami and Setty.

"Reno and especially my manager Elyxx and also Kami's have been really helpful," said Setty. "The boot camps they are doing almost every single month, and the house that we have helps us very much. We are getting recorded almost 24/7 when we play, so we are just used to the cameras and it's just easier for us on the stage." Kami added, "a really big shoutout to Elyxx."

Another accolade for two of Europe's best players & preparation ahead of FNCS Invitational day two

Kami and Setty collected $100K each for their unprecedented win at the FNCS Invitational 2022. Furthermore, they overcame the overwhelming favorites and 48 other well-established Fortnite duos. We wanted to know where this triumph ranks for Kami and Setty in their impressive careers.

"Definitely top three," said Setty. "Because we won the trio FNCS back with Teeq and also I won solo DreamHack LAN, so this is definitely a top three moment."

After FNCS Invitational day one, many teams rewatched their games to see what they could change. Considering that, we wanted to know what Kami and Setty did after day one to prepare for day two. Surprisingly, the two players answered confidently, saying they played ping pong and chilled.

"We didn't really need to prepare because we had a strat that was just the best, and nobody can counter that," said Setty." Kami continued, "We already prepared months, weeks, and days before. We just ordered some food, played some ping pong, and chilled."

Kami and Setty now shift focus to DreamHack Atlanta next week after finishing second and first at DreamHack Summer a few months ago. The two Polish players are absolute stars in Fortnite, and their FNCS Invitational 2022 victory is one for the history books.

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