Epic Games reveals the Fortnite Chapter 3 end date and that Chapter 4 is coming next month after the event’s conclusion.

Fortnite Chapter 3 comes to an end next month on December 3rd. Epic Games just announced the Chapter-ending event dubbed “Fracture,” which will transition the game into Fortnite Chapter 4. This announcement was not expected, with most rumors pointing toward Chapter 3 Season 5.

However, Epic Games and Fortnite are moving into Chapter 4, with potentially a cinematic event, an entirely new map, and more to follow. 

Fortnite Chapter 4 to debut after Chapter 3 Fractured event

The exciting news arrived ahead of the final match of the FNCS Invitational 2022, where the world’s top 50 duos competed for a $1 million prize pool. Before game 12, an image appeared on the stream, stating that the “Fracture” event would mark the end of Fortnite Chapter 3. 

Furthermore, the event is due to go live at 4 PM EST on December 3rd. While not much is apparent about the event, this is a monumental moment nonetheless. The announcement likely means a new map, mechanics, and much more in Fortnite Chapter 4. 

Chapter 3 produced sprinting, mantling, and an arsenal of new weapons and gadgets. What could be next for Fortnite?

Only four seasons in Chapter 3, the least ever

Fortnite Chapter 3 image
(image via Epic Games)

The end of Chapter 3 is interesting, considering this is the least number of seasons in Fortnite history. For reference, Chapter 1 had ten seasons, and Chapter 2 had eight seasons. It seems Epic Games is ready to move forward with what’s on the horizon. 

It’s safe to assume the upcoming launch of Unreal Engine 2.0 may have factored into this decision. Regardless, you can watch the end of Chapter 3 on December 3rd at 4 PM EST live only in Fortnite Battle Royale. Fortnite Chapter 4 will likely follow in the days following the Fracture event. 

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