FNCS Chapter 3 Season 2 is in the books following a two-day marathon. Here are the best plays and moments from the FNCS Season 2 Finals.

Seven duos can officially call themselves the best in Fortnite Battle Royale following the Fortnite Champion Series (FNCS) in Chapter 3 Season 2. Thousands of players competed this season for a shot at glory and a portion of $3 million. However, only 50 in Fortnite's seven regions would reach the FNCS Season 2 Finals. The final weekend featured many of the world's top players, and many outstanding moments occurred. Here best plays and moments of the FNCS Season 2 Finals.

The new Axe of Champions

Before the action began, the broadcast revealed the Axe of Champions 2.0–a reward handed only to the seven FNCS winners. This new in-game reward sports a much more glorious appearance. Unlike the previous Axe of Champions, version 2.0 swaps out the gold color scheme with the new FNCS logo and a platinum appearance.

European FNCS Season 2 Finals: Best plays & moments

Aqua & Veno secure nine eliminations in game three

Fortnite World Cup Champion David "aqua" Wang and rising star Harry "Veno" Pearson were among the highly-touted duos entering the Season Finals. For example, this team provides unrivaled game knowledge from aqua and Veno's insane skill set, which helped them win the final Cash Cup before the FNCS Season 2 Finals. Aqua did what he does best in game three and orchestrated a play for high ground. He and Veno compiled nine eliminations en route to their first of three wins in the Finals.

Malibuca & Merstach fill the stat sheet

The always-dangerous duo of Danila "Malibuca" Yakovenko and Andrey "Merstach" Piratov hovered atop the leaderboard all day. However, unlike aqua and Veno, Malibuca and Merstach did not require Victory Royales to accumulate points. Instead, this terrifying team struck fear in the hearts of those with impressive mechanics and aim. Malibuca and Merstach secured 16 eliminations and embarrassed many top players in game three.

Back-to-back VRs + ten eliminations for Aqua & Veno

Aqua and Veno were not quite finished after securing first place with a Victory Royale in game three. Subsequently, the dynamic duo proceeded to snatch height from the defending FNCS Champions in game four and punish everyone down below. Aqua and Veno tallied another ten eliminations while simultaneously widening the gap between them and every other finalist.

A third Victory Royale for Aqua & Veno

The European region's leaderboard remained close despite a dominant performance by Aqua and Veno the day before. Accordingly, the eventual Axe of Champions holders earned five eliminations and the Victory Royale in game one of day two. It set the stage for a leaderboard that ultimately granted aqua his second FNCS triumph and Veno his first after the final match. To conclude the event, the winners held off four-time FNCS Champion Tai "TaySon" Starčič, who made a valiant effort on day two with duo partner Moussa "Chapix" Faour.

NA East FNCS Season 2 Finals: Best plays & moments

PeterBot ascends on day one

The unlikely combination of PeterBot and Bylah put NA East on notice. These two dominated on day one, managing 229 points and 31 eliminations—more than any other duo. In the clip above, PeterBot shows what he's capable of against the region's best. He uses incredibly efficient mechanics and unfathomable cross-air placement to run through opponents.

Cented & Cold show life to round out day one

PeterBot and Bylah took a commanding lead throughout day one, and it seemed no one could stop them. That remained the case until Cented and Cold earned a much-needed Victory Royale in the final game of day one. In an unexpected turn of events, the usual low-ground warriors utilized high-ground to secure a ten-elimination win. As a result, Cented and Cold sat just 45 points behind PeterBot and Bylah.

PeterBot & Bylah claim victory

The NA East Champions cooled off a bit on day two, allowing the Mero and Bugha the chance to come back potentially. However, PeterBot and Bylah's day one performance granted them a lead that required only a few solid matches on day two. Despite finishing eighth overall on the day two leaderboard, they still managed a healthy 50-point victory over second place.

NA West FNCS Season 2 Finals: Best plays & moments

Defending FNCS champs win game eight of NA West

EpikWhale and Arkhram held the day one lead by only three points. Behind them stood the FNCS Chapter 3 Season 1 Champions — Snacky and Favs. Following an EpikWhale and Arkhram Victory Royale in match seven, Snacky and Favs struck back with a 10-elimination win. The NA West finals became a three-horse race between the region's consensus best teams.

Reet & Rehx surge late but fall short in FNCS Season 2 Finals

After earning a respectable 181 points on day one, Reet and Rehx were in contention. On day two, the ultra-talented duo fared much better, managing not one but two Victory Royales in back-to-back games. Rehx and Reet compiled 17 eliminations across those two games alone, but the defending champs ultimately outlasted the field.

Snacky & Favs complete the back-to-back, win FNCS Season 2 Finals

Snacky and Favs played incredibly consistently across both days of the FNCS Season 2 Finals. On day two, this duo finished strong and kept the train rolling while the day one leaders — Arkhram and EpikWhale — faltered down the stretch. The Chapter 3 Season 1 Champs ended game 12 with 414 points and a mind-boggling 65 eliminations. Additionally, Snacky and Favs would wield the Axe of Champions for the second straight season.

Here are the FNCS Chapter 3 Season 2 Champions following an intense two-day finale:

  • Middle East: KINGS Karol & Medal Asta1x
  • Oceania: JFT volx & PWR Looter
  • Asia: Runa1x & Walltaker7
  • Europe: LootBoy aqua & Tundra Veno
  • NA East: PeterBot & MTRX Bylah
  • Brazil: SNG KBR & 33 Xeat
  • NA West: TSM FTX Snacky & 33 Favs

Now, the page turns to Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3, which we can expect in the next two weeks—Epic already announced information regarding the "Collision" live event. Furthermore, the official FNCS broadcast set a date for the FNCS Invitational 2022

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