“As of now, the in-game battle pass is set to end on June 3, meaning we will either see season three on June 4 or later.”

The time is upon us. The battle bus is getting ready to make its final trips, as Fortnite Chapter 3: Season 2 comes to a close. Every player is scrambling to complete the battle pass challenges and collect as many crowns as possible before the season ends and Fortnite season 3 starts.

But, when exactly does the season end and season three begin? Look no further. We have the information you need.

Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 3 is almost here

Fortnite has never been upfront about what day a new season will begin. In fact, we almost never know until the second it starts. In the past, we have had new seasons begin days after the final event of the season before. Seasons have also begun only hours after the season before it ended.

It really is all up in the when coming to Epic’s preparation of each new season. This new season is no anomaly either. As of now, the in-game battle pass is set to end on June 3, meaning we will either see season three on June 4 or later.

Recently, Fortnite took to Twitter to post a small audio clip, hinting at an in-game event that will end the season.

What this clip means is still unknown, but knowing Epic, we will surely get some type of large event to end the season.

The entirety of season two focused on a fight between Fortnite’s “The Seven” and the “IO“. The Seven’s primary goal is to protect the “Zero Point”, which we have seen in past seasons but still have no idea what this “Zero Point” actually is.

It is time to look forward to the new season

As the season comes to a close, it has players wondering, “What will be next?”. Will the fan-favorite “Zero Build” mode still be as prevalent in the new season? Or will something new come along that will shape Fortnite?

The simple fact is that Fortnite is constantly changing. We should never get too comfortable with the game’s current status, because just like that, Epic will give us something completely new.

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