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How to get free MrBeast Feastables through Creator League

Creator League Season 1 just got announced, and Community Pass holders can get a free box of MrBeast Feastables! Here’s how to do this.

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A brand-new Creator League event just got announced by MrBeast. The inaugural season of Creator League features eight teams duking it out on a customized Fortnite Zero Build map. In a video, MrBeast introduced Creator League Season 1 and shared how Community Pass holders can get a free box of MrBeast Feastables.

"It's like having a front-row season ticket, but you're not just watching," MrBeast explained in his latest video. "You're actively drafting teams, changing strategies, and sharing the reward."

Creator League and free MrBeast Feastables

Interested participants who obtain a Creator League Community Pass before Sept. 8 at 11:59 p.m. ET can get a free box of Feastables thanks to MrBeast himself. In addition to the Feastables, a Community Pass lets one access exclusive giveaways, earn prize money from winning teams, and more.

"When you purchase a Creator League pass, you're able to influence the league, compete at weekly tournaments, win prizes, and potentially even meet some of your favorite influencers," MrBeast said. "And if you sign up in the next seven days, you'll receive a free box of Feastables bars."

Here's how the Open Qualifiers work and all about the Community Pass benefits:

The price of a Community Pass is $19.99 USD, and it lasts for the entirety of Creator League Season 1. There's also no limit on how many Community Passes one can obtain for their favorite team. Multiple passes increase one's influence on the Creator League and the chances of winning giveaways.

These eight teams of Creator League Season 1 are championed by BellaPoarch, CDawgVA, Clix, iShowSpeed, OpTic,OTK, Sapnap, and VinnieHacker.

What are MrBeast Feastables?

Feastables is a snacking brand created by well-known YouTuber MrBeast. Back in 2022, he launched the company with MrBeast Bars chocolate bars. The flavors included Almond, Original, and Quinoa Crunch.

The launch also featured a sweepstake, a video with MrBeast's very own chocolate factory, and even the appearance of Gordon Ramsay. The celebrity chef judged a cake challenge in the video.

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