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The International 2022 is the biggest esports event in terms of prize money and sets new records every year. It is the culmination of the Dota 2 esports calendar, with only the best Dota 2 teams featuring at the event. Here’s the Ti11 Live score, TI11 standings, the Dota 2 teams, schedule and more.

Tundra Esports are your TI11 Champions

TI11 Live Score ✓ Updated✓

TI11 Grand Finals Live Score (Oct 30)

DateStageTeam 1Team 2ScoreStream
Oct 30Grand FinalsTundraTeam Secret3-0Twitch / YouTube
Grand Finals is a BO5

TI11 Finals Weekend (Oct 29)

DateStageTeam 1Team 2ScoreStream
Oct 29Lower Bracket R5Team LiquidTeam Aster2-1Twitch / YouTube
Oct 29Losers Bracket finalTeam SecretTundra esports1-2Twitch / YouTube
Oct 30Winners Bracket finalTeam SecretTeam Liquid2-1Twitch / YouTube
Day 41 of TI Finals Weekend- First day at Singapore Indoor Stadium.

October 23 – Day 4 Playoffs – (Live🔴)

StageTeam 1Team 2ScoreArticleStream
LB R3PSG.LGDbeastcoast 2-1LinkTwitch / YouTube
LB R3OGTeam Liquid0-2LinkTwitch / YouTube
LB R4Team AsterPSG.LGD2-0LinkTwitch / YouTube
LB R4Thunder AwakenTeam Liquid1-2LinkTwitch / YouTube
Day 4 of Playoffs – Final day at Suntec City

Teams eliminated on October 23:

October 22 – Day 3 playoffs – All matches updated✓

Team 1Team 2ScoreArticleStream
OGGaimin Gladiators2-1LinkTwitch / YouTube
Team LiquidEntity2-1LinkTwitch / YouTube
Thunder AwakenTeam Secret0-2LinkTwitch / YouTube
TundraTeam Aster2-0Twitch / YouTube
Teams in Red are eliminated from TI11. All games are Bo3 games.

Teams eliminated on October 22:

October 21 – Day 2 Playoffs – All matches updated✓

Team 1Team 2ScoreArticleStream
TundraOG2-0LinkTwitch / YouTube
Team LiquidAster0-2LinkTwitch / YouTube
Evil Geniusesbeastcoast0-2LinkTwitch / YouTube
PSG.LGDBOOM esports2-0LinkTwitch / YouTube
Teams in red are eliminated from TI11. All games are Bo3 games.

Teams eliminated after Day 2 Playoffs:

October 20 – Day 1 Playoffs – All matches updated✓

StageTeam 1Team 2ScoreGamesStream
Upper Bracket R1Evil GeniusesThunder Awaken0-2BO3Twitch / YouTube
Upper Bracket R1Team SecretPSG.LGD2-0BO3Twitch / YouTube
Lower Bracket R1Hokoribeastcoast0-1BO1Twitch / YouTube
Lower Bracket R1Team SpiritBOOM esports0-1BO1Twitch / YouTube
Lower Bracket R1FnaticGaimin Gladiators0-1BO1Twitch / YouTube
Lower Bracket R1Royal Never Give UpEntity Esports0-1BO1Twitch / YouTube
Day 1 of TI11 playoffs. Teams in red are eliminated from TI11

Teams eliminated after Day 1 Playoffs:

  • Hokori
  • Team Spirit
  • Fnatic
  • RNG

Check their prize money winnings here.

Screengrab via Liquipedia
Screengrab via Liquipedia

Group Stage Tie Breakers ✓ Group B matches update live ✓

Group A Tiebreaker

Team 1Team 2Score
SoniqsBOOM 0-1
TI11 Group Stage Tiebreaker. All matches are B01.

Group B Tiebreaker

Team 1Team 2Score
EntityTalon esports2-0
This is a best of three series.

TI11 Group Stage Standings

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Group Stage – Day1 (October 15) – ✓ All matches updated ✓

Team 1Team 2Score
Evil GeniusesSoniqs2-0
Team SecretThunder Awaken1-1
PSG.LGDEvil Geniuses 0-2
Team SpiritEntity esports2-0
Evil GeniusesOG2-0
Results updated for Day 1 – A
Team 1Team 2Score
Team LiquidRNG1-1
FnaticTeam Spirit1-1
Team LiquidSoniqs1-1
FnaticThunder Awaken0-2
Results updated for Day 1 – B
Team 1Team 2Score
beastcoastEntity esports1-1
BOOM esportsHokori1-1
Team Secretbeastcoast2-0
Team LiquidBetBoom2-0
Results updated for Day 1 – C
Team 1Team 2Score
OG esportsBOOM esports2-0
OG esportsGaimin Gladiators2-0
TSMTundra esports1-1
RNGBOOM esports2-0
Results updated for Day 1 – D
Team 1Team 2Score
Gaimin GladiatorsBetBoom2-0
Tundra esportsTeam Aster1-1
Team AsterTalon esports 1-1
HokoriGaimin Gladiators1-1
Results updated for Day 1 – E

Day 2 – October 16 ✓ All matches updated ✓

Team 1Team 2Score
FnaticTeam Secret1-1
Team AsterEntity esports1-1
PSG.LGDTeam Liquid2-0
Team SpiritTSM1-1
Results updated for Day 2 – A
Team 1Team 2Score
Entity esportsThunder Awaken2-0
BOOM esportsGaimin Gladiators1-1
SoniqsOG esports0-2
TALON esportsThunder Awaken0-2
Results updated for Day 2 – B
Team 1Team 2Score
Talon esportsTeam Spirit1-1
TSMTeam Secret0-2
RNGGaimin Gladiators2-0
FnaticEntity esports1-1
Results updated for Day 2 – C
Team 1Team 2Score
Team AsterTSM2-0
Evil GeniusesTeam Liquid0-2
Team SpiritThunder Awaken1-1
Evil GeniusesHokori2-0
Team SecretTundra esports0-2
Results updated for Day 2 – D
Team 1Team 2Score
Tundra Esportsbeastcoast1-1
Tundra EsportsTalon Esports2-0
BOOM EsportsBetboom1-1
Team Asterbeastcoast2-0
Results updated for Day 2 – E

Day 3 – October 17✓ All matches updated ✓

Team 1Team 2Score
Evil GeniusesBetboom2-0
Team Secret Team Spirit1-1
Team LiquidOG2-0
Team SecretEntity 2-0
Day 3 – A
Team 1Team 2Score
beastcoastTalon Esports2-0
PSG.LGDBOOM esports2-0
FnaticTalon Esports0-2
Team LiquidBOOM esports2-0
Day 3 – B
Team 1Team 2Score
SoniqsBOOM esports2-0
Team SpiritTundra Esports0-2
PSG.LGDGaimin Gladiators1-1
Day 3 – C
Team 1Team 2Score
Team LiquidGaimin Gladiators1-1
FnaticTeam Aster2-0
Evil GeniusesGaimin Gladiators2-0
OGBetBoom 1-1
Day 3 – D
Team 1Team 2Score
Thunder AwakenTundra Esports1-1
Team AsterThunder Awaken1-1
Day 3 – E

Day 4 – October 18 ✓ All matches updated ✓

Team 1Team 2Score
TalonEntity 2-0
Team AsterTeam Spirit 1-1
Day 4 – A
Team 1Team 2Score
Team SecretTeam Aster 2-0
PSG.LGDBetBoom esports 1-1
Day 4 – B
Team 1Team 2Score
Thunder AwakenTSM 1-1
Team LiquidHokori 2-0
Tundra EsportsEntity2-0
Day 4 – C
Team 1Team 2Score
Team Spiritbeastcoast 1-1
Evil GeniusesBOOM esports 0-2
Team SecretTalon Esports2-0
Day 4 – D
Team 1Team 2Score
FnaticTundra Esports 0-2
SoniqsGaimin Gladiators0-2
Thunder Awakenbeastcoast1-1
Day 4 – E

TI11 Groups Standings

  • Green = Qualified to upper bracket playoffs.
  • Yellow = lower bracket playoffs.
  • Red = Eliminated.

The results are updated at the end of each day. Current results displayed are at end of Day 3 (October 17). Next update takes place after end of Day 4 – October 18.

Group A

Pos.TeamScoreGames Score
1Evil Geniuses7-0-214-4
2Team Liquid5-3-113-5
6Royal Never give up4-1-49-9
7Gaimin Gladiators2-4-38-10
8BOOM esports1-3-55-13
9Bet Boom esports0-5-45-13
Results will next be updated after Tiebreaker matches.

Group B

Pos.TeamScoreGames Score
1Tundra Esports5-4-014-4
2Team Secret5-3-113-5
3Team Aster3-4-210-8
4Thunder Awaken2-6-110-8
6Team Spirit1-7-19-9
9Talon Esports2-2-56-12
Results will next be updated after end of games Day 4.

We will also have live updates of the playoffs in this same thread. Remember to bookmark this.

TI11 Format

This year’s International is the first time the TI Main event will take place at two different venues. However, all the action begins with the Group stage that kicks off on October 15 with the best Dota 2 teams in action.

Group stage

  • Two groups of ten teams each
  • Single Round-robin format
  • Top 4 teams →  Upper bracket of main event
  • 5-8th place teams → Lower Bracket of Main event
  • Remaining teams → Eliminated

Main Event

The TI11 Main event will take place at two different venues

The International 2022 Participating teams

TI11 will have 20 teams this year from all over the world. These teams have performed consistently throughout the year, earning the valuable DPC points and received invites. Or they qualified via the TI11 Last Chance Qualifiers. Here are the 20 teams that will play it out in Singapore. 

Invited Teams

  • OG
  • Team Spirit
  • Beastcoast
  • Team Aster
  • Thunder Awaken
  • BOOM esports
  • TSM
  • Tundra Esports
  • Gaimin Gladiators
  • Evil Geniuses
  • Fnatic

Regional Qualified Teams

  • Soniqs
  • Hokori
  • Entity
  • BetBoom Team
  • Royal Never Give Up
  • Talon Esports

Last Chance Qualifier Teams

  • Team Secret
  • Team Liquid/ Virtus Pro

What is the TI11 prize pool?

Team Spirit won The International 2021 and will be coming in as the defending Champions at The International 2022 (TI11).
The International 2021 winners: Team Spirit. Image Credit: Valve.

TI11 features a community-funded prize pool. Valve provides the basic $1.6 million but everything else is provided by the community. 25% of all battle pass sales contribute to the TI11 prize pool.

This year, the Dota 2 battle pass has two parts.

  • Part 1: September 1 – November 2
  • Part 2: November 3 onwards

TI Prize pool distribution

As of October 21, 2022, the TI11 prize pool stands at $18,803,962 [Start of Finals Day]

Placement% of Prize PoolTeam$USD
39%Team Liquid$1,692,395
46%Team Aster$1,128,226
63.5%Thunder Awaken$658,104
92%Evil Geniuses$376,075
102%BOOM esports$376,075
112%Gaimin Gladiators$376,075
141.5%Team Spirit$282,029
180.25%Talon Esports$46,911
190.25%BetBoom Esports$46,911
TI11 Standings and TI11 prize pool distribution.

Where to watch Dota 2 International?

The Dota 2 International will be live on multiple broadcast platforms including Twitch, YouTube as well as numerous community broadcasts.

Official Streams

Community Broadcasts

There will also be several community broadcasts from influential players and streamers. We will update this list as more information becomes available.


Where can I follow 🔴 live TI11 results?

Check out TI11 live results, news and exclusive TI11 event coverage at

Where to watch TI11?

You can follow TI11 live-stream on Twitch and YouTube.

When are TI11 Grand Finals?

TI11 Grand Finals weekend takes place over two days from October 29-30, 2022.

Where is TI11 taking place this year?

TI11 is taking place at Singapore in 2022. The first part of the playoffs takes place at the Suntec City, while the finals weekend will take place at Singapore Indoor Stadium.

Which teams were eliminated from TI11 group stage?

Soniqs, Bet Boom, Talon esports and TSM were eliminated from the TI11 group stage.

How did teams qualify for TI11?

Teams qualified for TI11 after playing the Dota 2 esports league (called DPC) throughout the year. Some teams also qualified via the Last Chance qualifier.

What is the TI11 Prize pool?

The TI11 prize pool as of Oct 21 is $18,803,962.

Which teams qualified for TI11 Playoffs?

EG, Team Liquid, PSG.LGD, OG, Tundra, Team Secret, Thunder Awaken and Team Aster qualified to the TI11 playoffs upper bracket.

The lower bracket teams were Hokori, RNG, Gaimin Gladiators, BOOM Esports, Fnatic, Team Spirit, beastcoast and Entity.

How many teams are remaining at TI?

There are 3 teams remaining at TI11.

Stay tuned to for the latest Dota 2 news and updates.

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