PSG.LGD eliminate SEA hope BOOM esports from Singapore TI11 cover image

PSG.LGD eliminate SEA hope BOOM esports from Singapore TI11

PSG.LGD get their lower bracket Round 2 Buff. How far will they go?

For the past several years, PSG.LGD has made its way through to the upper bracket Round 2. This year, however, PSG.LGD lost to Team Secret, an early fall down to the lower bracket. Their first match in the TI11 lower bracket was against local favorites - BOOM esports. 

BOOM esports survival at stake in TI11 lower bracket

The game started with PSG.LGD clearly playing aggressively and confident in their ability to outclass BOOM in the TI11 lower bracket. In true SEA style, BOOM esports tried applying pressure mid in the early game. But on more than one occasion PSG.LGD players were present to help out and even get some counter-kills at times.

The failed attempts at ganking in the early game impacted their other lanes as well. PSG.LGD took a strong lead which manifested itself in the mid-game fights. 

PSG.LGD built on their early game lead and continued expanding their lead. Screengrab via <a href="" target="_blank" rel="noreferrer noopener nofollow"></a>.
PSG.LGD built on their early game lead and continued expanding their lead. Screengrab via

PSG.LGD’s lead only grew throughout the game, till ultimately, BOOM simply could not fight into them. While XinQ was playing a support, his utility for Dire was simply too much. 

With dual high-level scaling supports, PSG.LGD always had the advantage into the late game. But they didn’t even need to go into the late game to secure the win. 

Clinical Chinese performance

In the second game, however, PSG.LGD were on the backfoot. BOOM continued with its aggressive maneuvers, only this time, they were successful.

BOOM secured the first blood chasing the Ember spirit, but getting the kill on Earthshaker. 

BOOM continued its aggression in the early game and secured two more kills. The early game was going exactly how the SEA team wanted to play and the players’ confidence was on full display.

But PSG.LGD had Drow Ranger, a hero that loves to play farming in the early game. BOOM’s early game aggression meant they were slightly lacking in farm and it was evident in the mid-game.

PSG.LGD chose their targets beautifully and their repeated attacks on Bloodseeker means BOOM players never got the freedom to move around the map. LGD also played to their strengths, they played around the Tombstone and would constantly play around their cooldowns.

With this win, PSG.LGD survive in the TI lower bracket. They will face beastcoast tomorrow in yet another elimination match.

Meanwhile, SEA no longer has a representative at TI11 after BOOM esports’ elimination from TI11. The SEA TI has only 10 teams remaining after Day 2 of the TI11 playoffs.

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