Here’s the TI playoffs schedule and everything you need to know about the biggest tournament in the world.

The TI11 group stage has come to an end resulting in heartbreak for some regions and a sigh of relief for others. Out of the 20 teams that kicked off the group stage, only 16 have made it to the playoffs. Now every match matters, every placement could result in hundreds of dollars of more prize pool and a better placement at TI11. Here’s the TI11 playoffs bracket and everything we know.

Tundra Esports are your TI11 Champions

TI11 Finals Weekend Live Score ✓ Updated✓

The group stage saw two groups of ten teams each competing in a round-robin format. The top four teams from each group advanced to the upper bracket of the playoffs. The next four teams will be competing in the lower bracket Round 1. 

TI11 Grand Finals Live Score

TI11 Grand Finals Live Score (Oct 30)

DateStageTeam 1Team 2ScoreStream
Oct 30Grand FinalsTundraTeam Secret3-0Twitch / YouTube
Grand Finals is a BO5

TI11 Finals Weekend (Oct 29)

StageTeam 1Team 2ScoreStream
Lower Bracket R5Team LiquidAster2-1Twitch / YouTube
Losers Bracket finalTeam SecretTundra esports1-2Twitch / YouTube
Winners Bracket finalSecretLiquid2-1Twitch / YouTube
Day 4 of TI Finals Weekend- First day at Singapore Indoor Stadium

TI11 Playoffs Live Score

TI11 Day 4 Playoffs – October 23 ✓ Updated✓

Team 1Team 2ScoreArticle
OGTeam Liquid0-2Link
Team AsterPSG.LGD2-0Link
Thunder AwakenTeam Liquid1-2
Day 4 of Playoffs – Final day at Suntec City

TI11 Day 3 Playoffs – October 22 ✓ Updated✓

Team 1Team 2ScoreArticle
OGGaimin Gladiators2-1Link
Team LiquidEntity2-1Link
Thunder AwakenTeam Secret0-2Link
TundraTeam Aster2-0
Teams in Red are eliminated from TI11. All games are Bo3 games.

Teams eliminated on October 22:

  • Gaimin Gladiators
  • Entity

TI11 Day 2 – October 21 ✓ Updated✓

Team 1Team 2ScoreArticle
Team LiquidAster0-2Link
Evil Geniusesbeastcoast0 – 2Link
PSG.LGDBOOM esports2-0Link
Teams in Red are eliminated from TI11.

TI11 Day 1 – October 20 ✓ Updated✓

Team 1Team 1GamesScore
Evil GeniusesThunder AwakenBO30-2
Team SecretPSG.LGDBO32-0
HokoribeastcoastBO10 – 1
Team SpiritBOOM esportsBO1 0 – 1
FnaticGaimin GladiatorsBO10 – 1
Royal Never Give UpEntity EsportsBO10 – 1
Check Live scores here – TI live score. Teams in red are eliminated from TI11
The TI11 live score bracket.
Standings at the end of Day 1 Playoffs. Image Credit: Liquipedia

TI11 lower bracket matches

The lower bracket Round 1 has eight teams competing in four best-of-one matches. 

  • Hokori vs beastcoast
  • Team Spirit vs BOOM esports
  • Fnatic vs Gaimin Gladiators
  • Royal Never Give Up vs Entity

The losers of these matches will be eliminated from TI11, their dreams coming to an end. As for the other teams, they chug on in the playoffs bracket, but with no room for error. A single loss would mean the end of their TI run.

The  upper bracket has four teams – each team having two chances of making it to the Grand Finals. 

TI11 Upper bracket matches

  • Evil Geniuses vs Thunder Awaken
  • Team Secret vs PSG.LGD
  • Tundra Esports vs OG
  • Team Liquid vs Team Aster

There’s a 1 day break after the group stage and teams resume play on the 20th, starting with the Bo1 lower bracket matches.

This year Valve has adopted a different approach for TI11 with the battle pass spanning through two parts. The first part of the battlepass takes place before TI11 while the second part, along with multiple features of the battle pass releasing after TI11. 

25% of all battle pass proceeds from before TI will go towards funding the TI prize pool. Valve has still not revealed its plans for prize pool collected after TI11. will have exclusive access to TI11 in Singapore with multiple reporters and videographers on site. So bookmark 2 for regular content updates and exclusive access.

Where can I follow TI11 Live scores and results?

Check out the TI11 live scores and regular updated thread for TI11 playoffs here.

Stay tuned to for the latest Dota 2 news and updates.

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