Bald RTZ not enough as beastcoast eliminate EG at TI11 cover image

Bald RTZ not enough as beastcoast eliminate EG at TI11

Following the Yatoro Bald Buff, several players have gone bald this TI. So did RTZ, but is it enough?

Evil Geniuses and beastcoast faced each other in the lower bracket match of the TI11 playoffs. Having already lost to Thunder Awaken in the upper bracket playoffs, Evil Geniuses had to face off against another South American team, this time in an elimination match. Meanwhile, beastcoast have been one of the most popular teams from South America and have a playstyle that is quite different to Evil Geniuses. Today, it was bald RTZ versus South America's hope.

RTZ stunned, chased and kited around

Bald RTZ. Image Credit: <a href="" target="_blank" rel="noreferrer noopener nofollow">Evil Geniuses.</a>
Bald RTZ. Image Credit: Evil Geniuses.

Drafting the classic RTZ Terrorblade, Evil Geniuses had most of their comfort heroes. RTZ on Terrorblade and Abed on Ember Spirit. However, beastcoast adopted a playstyle that just refused to allow any space for RTZ. Constantly taking fights as a 5-man team, beastcoast were able to use their numerical advantage to pressure important points on the map.

And even more surprising was RTZ joining these fights early on, possibly to equalize the numerical advantage that beastcoast was abusing. However, a Terrorblade without crucial items and levels is just a big creep (especially without the BKB). And there were key moments in the mid-game when Terrorblade’s presence was not enough to deter beastcoast.

But even after buying the BKB, beastcoast’s excellent coordination and initiation on Evil Geniuses gave RTZ little to no time to use the BKB. In this particular teamfight near the top rune, RTZ was caught in stun after stun, simply unable to use the BKB or even have enough time to sunder any opponent.

Over on beastcoast, Gojira’s Snapfire and Wisper’s Mars were wreaking havoc on Evil Geniuses. Mars was the top net worth for a considerable amount of time on beastcoast.

The Roshan teamfight at around the XYZ mark seemed promising for Evil Geniuses, but the buybacks and the quick movement on beastcoast players allowed them to salvage the fight. They also secured the Aegis, further cementing their lead.

Throughout the game, RTZ always seemed to be controlled by the beastcoast abilities - Mars Spear, Snapfire cookie and more.

Ultimately, it was too much for Evil Geniuses and even RTZ’s bald buff did not help them win Game 1 against beastcoast.

South America eliminates NA

Evil Geniuses came prepared for the second game. After Game 1 when Arteezy was kited around and rarely had the oppotunity to use BKB less actually deal damage, EG's Game 2 draft was more potent.

Beastcoast also had two very strong cores - the Leshrac and the Naga Siren. Who do you target? The Lesh? The Naga Siren?

Even though Evil Geniuses had a much closer attempt this time around, they could not win teamfights against beastcoast. It was only when they managed to catch beastcoast players off-guard and alone did they have a massive advantage.

The Bald Buff

After Yatoro went bald last year, several players this year have gone bald. But whether there is really a bald buff or not is still up for debate.

The TI11 main stage is currently underway with some of the best Dota 2 teams in action. Dota 2 fans can stay up to date with all the latest TI11 live scores and updates here. The TI11 playoffs started with 16 teams but only four teams will be present on the finals weekend.

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