Arteezy goes bald at TI11- will the ‘Yatoro buff’ work once again? cover image

Arteezy goes bald at TI11- will the ‘Yatoro buff’ work once again?

Arteezy is now a believer in the ‘Yatoro buff’. Will more players hop on the bald train for a chance at winning TI11?

The bald saga continues. Artour "Arteezy" Babaev, carry player of Evil Geniuses join hands with other pros at TI11 and sacrificed his hair to the Dota gods for a buff to win the championship. After players from BOOM Esports and Thunder Awaken shaved their heads and pulled off upsets at TI11, Arteezy is now a believer in the 'Yatoro buff'.

Arteezy goes bald to please the Dota gods.<br>Credit: Evil Geniuses
Arteezy goes bald to please the Dota gods.
Credit: Evil Geniuses

UPDATE: EG is now one game down against beastcoast. SirActionSlacks and his bald army are sending all their energy to help their bald counterpart. Together they chanted, "Bald boy for Arteezy!"

Game 2 is over and beastcoast takes down EG 2-0. It seems like the Kyle Curse is indeed stronger than the 'Yatoro buff'.

It is also mentioned that beastcoast's coach also has a bald head, thus he counters Arteezy's baldness. But for now, we are not exactly sure what is the science behind this.

The bald buff helped secure victories - can EG escape elimination?

Oh, so you don't think the bald cult is real? BOOM Esports, a team scrambling throughout the Group Stage, who sat dead last in Group A just happened to knock down defending champions, Team Spirit. After coming back from the Group Stage with a 1.4% chance to live, they sure made a powerful entrance in the TI11 Playoffs. But what's the secret?

Before playing against Team Spirit in a BO1 elimination match, BOOM Esports' CEO, Gary Ongko Putera, and team captain, Rolen "skem" Ong shaved their heads to follow the steps of Yatoro at TI10. One head to win against Team Spirit, and one more to win TI11. After doing so, they grabbed a strong win against the TI10 champions.

Thunder Awaken's Jose "Pandaboo" Hernandez also shaved his head before an Upper Bracket match against Evil Geniuses. Then the South American team knocked down the NA kings 2-0.

This has to mean the 'Yatoro buff' works right?

Of course, Arteezy had to cave in. What's the harm in sacrificing your hair for a chance at pleasing the Dota gods? Arteezy appeared on stage today with a bald head, ready to play against another South American powerhouse, beastcoast in an elimination series.

Here are stats shown on broadcast, comparing wins with or without hair.

Will the 'Yatoro buff' work for the cursed player?

Stay tuned to to keep up with the bald saga at TI11.