PSG.LGD survive Beastcoast scare in an intense 3 game series

PSG.LGD eliminate Beastcoast from TI11 in an intense 3 game series. Join us as we break down how the series went and the major moments.

Noah Pather

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Bald RTZ not enough as beastcoast eliminate EG at TI11

Following the Yatoro Bald Buff, several players have gone bald this TI. So did RTZ, but is it enough?


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K1 on pursuing Dota 2: “I started playing because I saw Evil Geniuses win TI in 2015.”

K1 of beastcoast shared with us his inspiration, thoughts about the upcoming TI11, the wonders of South American Dota 2 and more!

Sarah "KZ" Zulkiflee

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OG eliminates final SA team, beastcoast from the Arlington Major

OG shows their LAN power as they eliminate South America’s final hope, beastcoast, from the Arlington Major.

Vegard Krogdahl

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Beastcoast upset favorites Outsiders to eliminate them from Arlington Major

In the latest lower bracket series at the Arlington Major, Beastcoast defeated Outsiders to knock them out of contention for the title, in a series that many consider to be an upset.

Christian Decker

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Beastcoast defeat Fnatic, shutting them out of directly qualifying to TI

After a close 2-1 series, Beastcoast were able to secure the victory against Fnatic, who will now have to play qualifiers to make it to TI.

Christian Decker

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Beastcoast officially qualifies for TI11

beastcoast is coming to Singapore! The South American pride officially qualifies for TI11 in the midst of the Arlington Major.

Sarah "KZ" Zulkiflee

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Valve and 4D Esports sanction beastcoast after K1’s racist in-game chat towards Febby

K1 was made to miss beastcoast’s vital match against Thunder Awaken due to a sanction.

Michael Hassall

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