beastcoast is coming to Singapore! The South American pride officially qualifies for TI11 in the midst of the Arlington Major.

The South American powerhouse, beastcoast, is officially going to TI11. After the conclusion of PGL Arlington Major's Group Stage, fans of beastcoast and SA rallied to celebrate the team's qualification. They successfully earned a Direct Invite slot after securing the minimum points needed to place in the top 12 of the Dota Pro Circuit (DPC). They will be joining their SA counterpart, Thunder Awaken, who have also secured a TI11 slot.

One of the veterans and most successful teams from SA is coming to Singapore! The team fields the longest-lasting 5-man roster from back during its Infamous days and has been a powerful force from the South. Even though beastcoast and its SA counterpart, Thunder Awaken, had a disappointing run at TI10, they are coming back with a vengeance. They most recently showcased an incredible performance during the ESL One Stockholm Major, both placing 5 - 6th place.

beastcoast has a unique charm to Dota 2 and they can sometimes surprise you with a unique gameplay. Fans will be seeing the same 5-man roster make waves this October at TI11. Here is the full roster for beastcoast that will be attending TI11:

  • Héctor "K1" Rodríguez
  • Jean "Chris Luck" Salazar
  • Adrián "Wisper" Dobles
  • Elvis "Scofield" Peña
  • Steven "StingeR" Mamani

Currently, there are only 5 teams qualified for TI11. The teams are Thunder Awaken, PSG.LGD, TSM, OG, and beastcoast. The ongoing Arlington Major will heavily decide more teams that will earn the Direct Invite slot.

The current top 12 of DPC.
The current top 12 of DPC.

Beastcoast at the Arlington Major

The PGL Arlington Major is still hot in action with the event closing into the Playoffs. While Thunder Awaken did not pass the Group Stage phase, beastcoast survived to carry the SA torch. The team placed 6th in Group B to make it to the Lower Bracket of the Playoffs.

The team hasn't been looking great so far but perhaps, the SA magic can kick in. The Playoffs begin in just a few hours but it's not until the next day that we will see beastcoast play, where they will either clash against Team Aster or Fnatic.

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