OG eliminates final SA team, beastcoast from the Arlington Major cover image

OG eliminates final SA team, beastcoast from the Arlington Major

OG shows their LAN power as they eliminate South America’s final hope, beastcoast, from the Arlington Major.

Being the last hope of both SA and NA Dota, beastcoast had a lot of fans in the arena today. But if there is one thing that is constant in Dota 2 LANs - it's that OG brings in a lot of fans too. During the interviews with Jean "C. Smile <" Salazar and Sébastien "Ceb" Debs, they were both asked about the crowd. C. Smile says beastcoast appreciate the fans cheering for them, and that it helps them play.

Meanwhile, Ceb got asked if he feels that there is an advantage to either being from the Upper Bracket or the Lower Bracket. Ceb replied saying "it's all just dota" and that it does not matter for OG where they come from.

After the interviews, we finally got to the Dota 2 action. Here is a recap of what happened in the Lower Bracket series between OG and beastcoast.

Game one and two: A brawling fest

Both of these teams have shown that they love to brawl and this game is no different. OG showed beastcoast that if they wanted to bring aggression to the table, they would match it. OG was pulling ahead, getting the favorable trades and winning important map control. Beastcoast started realizing they can't keep taking these fights.

So they gave OG some space while they tried to hit their own key timings. Unfortunately for them, OG kept up the pace and out-farmed beastcoast too much. The game ended after 36 minutes, with OG fountain farming the final heroes of beastcoast.

In the second game, beastcoast was better at withstanding OG's aggression. The two teams almost mirrored each other's drafts from the previous game and it looked dire for beastcoast in the beginning as OG's Timbersaw and Zeus were taking over the game. But beastcoast took some great fights when they hit their key timings and turned the game completely. Both teams' drafts were focused on fighting as much as possible, and it got very hard for OG to come back when they lost every engagement. After a team fight in Dire's base, OG called out 'good game'.

Game three: The "bzm" show

The third game is another repetition of both teams brawling as much as possible - and game three finally gave us a kill score with over two kills a minute. The Ember Spirit of OG completely popped off - becoming godlike after only 14 minutes of playtime. With beastcoast unable to kill off the Ember Spirit, it painted a bleak picture.

Beastcoast picked heroes that needed to win in around 25 minutes, and to see the clock reach 40 minutes was a disaster for them. The game ended after 43 minutes of gameplay, with the Ember Spirit having an incredible score of 27-0-23.

Can OG win another consecutive Major?

For this series, it seemed the OG fans had the most to scream about. But beastcoast still gave a great showing during their run at the Arlington Major!

With the Arlington Major getting closer and closer to the final day, the pressure rises. Can OG continue their lower bracket run and reach the grand finals of a second consecutive major? Their next opponent will be Team Aster and the match takes place right after the PSG.LGD vs Team Spirit series.

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