Beastcoast says goodbye to Lima Major with loss to Evil Geniuses on home turf cover image

Beastcoast says goodbye to Lima Major with loss to Evil Geniuses on home turf

The Peruvian team Beastcoast has tapped out of the Dota 2 Lima Major after being defeated by their own regional comrade Evil Geniuses.

In the land of Peru, one of the South American giants has fallen to the ground, beaten by its own compatriot. Beastcoast in an unfortunate event has been eliminated from the Dota 2 Lima Major. The Peruvian team says goodbye to the first DPC Major of the season with them in the 9th-12th place.

Beastcoast managed to get first place in the SA DPC 2023 Tour 1. This secures them the invitation to the Lima Major. They along with Evil Geniuses who secured second place in SA DPC, each carry half of the Peruvian hope in securing victory in their home ground.

Beastcoast versus Peruvian comrade Evil Geniuses

Beastcoast Dota 2 roster in DPC 2023 (Image from Beastcoast)
Beastcoast Dota 2 roster in DPC 2023 (Image from Beastcoast)

The South American team didn't have an easy group stage. The team found it hard to claim wins as they keep on getting draws. Beastcoast then fell 0-2 to Team Liquid and Shopify Rebellion but managed to climb the group standings with wins against Geek Slate and Knights. They later on ended with a tie against fourth place Team Aster.

This leads them to battle it out in a tiebreaker where the winner will then move forward into the upper bracket. Unfortunately, Beastcoast lost the tiebreaker and ended up in the lower bracket of the Lima Major playoffs.

Later on, EG who was in the upper bracket was knocked to the lower bracket by the European team Entity. The South American clash happens earlier than anyone has ever hoped but unfortunately, one of them has to move forward to carry on the torch.

In a series of painful and high-pressured games, Beastcoast crumbles by the hand of a friend. The crowd was going wild from the moment they stepped into the arena until the last blood was shed. In a heartfelt moment, Beastcoast said goodbye to Lima Major with hugs and well wishes for Evil Geniuses.

Evil Geniuses: SA's only hope

The whole South American community is now rallying behind Evil Geniuses as they are the only team to make South America proud. We will see Evil Geniuses move forward in the lower bracket of the playoffs against Team Aster tomorrow.

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