EG vs. beastcoast Lima Major Playoffs live results: An SA Derby to remember! cover image

EG vs. beastcoast Lima Major Playoffs live results: An SA Derby to remember!

This inter-regional matchup of SA titans will see EG take on beastcoast with the loser being eliminated from the Lima Major!

Despite long streams and crushed dreams, the Lima Major marches on, but for either EG or beastcoast, the event will end today. Both South American Dota 2 teams will face off in a Lower Bracket class for survival. Either way, half of the hometown heroes will crash out of the first Dota 2 Major ever held on South American soil.

Evil Geniuses have been the SA super team we expected, but a one-sided clash with Entity on Tuesday sent them tumbling into the Lower Bracket. Meanwhile, beastcoast, similarly stacked with Peruvian players, has struggled but survived so far. Now, a heart-breaking matchup will see one of SA's stalwarts struck from the tournament in decisive fashion.

Here are the EG vs. beastcoast live results:

EG vs. beastcoast Live Results

Team 1
Team 2
Evil Geniuses (w)
2 - 0
Team 1
Team 2
Game 1
Evil Geniuses
43 - 13
Game 2
Evil Geniuses
22 - 15
Game 3
Evil Geniuses

For this inter-regional clash, the fans came out loud and proud for both teams, beating drums, blowing whistles and cheering for the SA vs. SA clash they were about to see. The crowd was exploding for the teams with how crazy this near all-Peruvian matchup was. And in theory, it would only get louder as the match progressed.

EG vs beastcoast Game 1: Primal Beast/Riki is OP

Evil Geniuses drafted heavy catch comp with Primal Beast and Riki and beastcoast decided to meet them with equal aggression. The Tiny, Leshrac, Ember Spirit comp, with the meta Treant Protector was a brutal combination. Just from the draft phase this was set up to be a hyper-aggressive match.

The game started with a pause, but began with instant action, with a first blood going to EG to give them the early lead. This quickly snowballed into a situation where both teams were constantly fighting, taking questionable dives, and just attempting to one-up each other by fighting and killing each other.

But out of this chaos, EG built up a huge lead. And the only possible saving grace was the Luna on beastcoast. But the Luna was facing a 21k Nature's Prophet with a Midas. There was basically no where safe for beastcoast! And with that EG claimed the first win with a dominating performance.

EG vs beastcoast Game 2: Goodbye beastcoast!

Post game one, beastcoast didn't even leave the booth, showing the pressure was getting to them. Still, the draft from the first game was almost mirrored for the first four picks, with EG going back to the Riki/Death Prophet, and beastcoast picking up Treant and Leshrac.

However, beastcoast switched things up with a really interesting end to their draft. Picking up the Magnus, they seemed to want to lock down the Lone Druid and prevent the frustration and early game power and late game scaling of EG. Still, EG built a pretty good lead until the beastcoast caught them at Roshan.

But almost immediately, EG turned the momentum back in their favor with a quick catch and a great blackhole. Only for beastcoast to flip the script back again with a massive Reverse Polarity.

But some small mistakes started to take away from beastcoast's performance let EG get back in the game. A bad fight, leaving the Agh's Shard in the Roshan Pit, and losing an Aegis for free brought the game back to an even score.

This was a nightmare scenario, as one more big mistake meant that EG were able run down mid and end the game, throne-ing in a surprising end to this dramatic SA game (and no one picked up the Agh's Shard).

EG Panda interview

EG's Panda Jose "Pandaboo" Hernandez was interviewed after the game by Avo+. Commenting on expanding his sometimes criticized as small hero pool, he said just hopes he "doesn't forget how to play the heroes he already knows."

On EG facing beastcoast in the lower bracket: "It's sad we faced off so early." But, he said he's glad to face Team Aster and potentially avenge beastcoast being sent to the lower bracket in the first place.

Speaking about the team's group stage struggles, Pandaboo explained that they had a big meeting as a team, and decided that they'd commit to playing meta heroes, and even if they lost, they'd be happy that they learnt new heroes. This also explains why Panda himself has been trying new heroes.

Finally, to all the viewers at home Panda said "I know the all the fans in SEA and other timezones will find it hard to watch our games, but thank you for tuning in because you love Dota!"

How to watch EG vs. bc at the Lima Major?

To catch Gaimin Gladiators vs Team Aster, head over to the EpulzeGaming channel and watch live. We've also embedded it below!

Stay tuned to for all the Lima Major news, action, and updates!