OG defeats Gaimin Gladiators in the first three-game series of TI11 cover image

OG defeats Gaimin Gladiators in the first three-game series of TI11

We have our first 3 game series at TI11 with OG winning against GG. Join us as we break down the thrilling series!

The Dota gods have graced TI11 with the first three-game series of the tournament. Gaming Gladiators took on OG in the second round of the Lower Bracket of TI11. The series marked the first set of matches to stretch three games, as every other main stage match were 2-0 games only. The series was as intense as ever, with the loser being eliminated, and both teams being heavy regional favorites.

OG stay alive

OG survive their TI11 lower bracket match. Their match against another European rival team, Gaming Gladiators went the full distance and had Dota fans hyped beyond belief. Their run continues as they face off against the winner of another European region standoff: Liquid vs Entity. The OG boys made N0tail and Ceb proud with their wins in games one and three, and will continue to honor the legacy that was left for them.

Gaming Gladiators strike back in game 2

However, Game 2 of the Gaming Gladiators versus OG was a 55 minute back and forth slug fest of a match. With OG taking a strong early game lead with ATF's Viper crushing GG's Dyrachyo's Lifestealer in lane. But the timing of Ace's BKB on Primal Beast and T0fu's Global Silences allowed the Gladiators to fight back.

The game swung into GG's favor as OG couldn't deal with fight after fight under Global Silence and some Infest bombs. The game culminated in some amazing fights in both teams favor. But, the game truly took a turn when Gaming Gladiators found consistent ways to burst down Yuragi or Bzm. This match between the Euopean titans was one of the best TI11 had to offer, and GG came out on top.

The titan of OG, starting to crack?

OG is easily one of the biggest organizations and fan favorite teams at TI11. The team of new talent has looked seemingly unstoppable in past events. However, teams have been giving them a good run for their money. Their frequent scrim partner, Gaming Gladiators had OG on the fence for the latter 2 games of their series. Although OG did come out on top, they aren't looking as dominant as they once were. This isn't the best news for OG fans, but great news for the rest of the Dota teams as the playing ground is much more even than before.

Regardless, As the TI11 continues, more and more teams are getting eliminated. The stakes have never been higher for these teams. Which means, we'll be getting some of the best Dota that the world has to offer.

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