The final qualifier for TI11 is on the horizon. From household names to Lower Division underdogs, here are all qualified teams that made it to the Last Chance Qualifier. UPDATE: Groups and Schedule are out!

Following the end of TI11 Regional Qualifiers, we take one final step toward the biggest Dota 2 tournament of the year. The Last Chance Qualifier (LCQ) is the last stop that determines the final participants of TI11. With only two TI11 slots left, the LCQ is set to be a bloodbath.

So far, 18 teams have officially qualified for TI11. Twelve teams comprising the strongest, most consistent teams throughout the Dota Pro Circuit (DPC) season earned Direct Invites. Six more teams made it through the brutal TI11 Regional Qualifiers. And those who fell short just slightly during the qualifiers will have another chance to grab a TI slot.

UPDATE: TI11 LCQ Groups are out!

Twelve teams, two slots

For returning or new fans, the concept of LCQ in the Dota 2 pro circuit might be foreign. This system is introduced for this year’s DPC and it allows for more teams to play at TI11. It also gives an edge to teams in the more competitive regions to qualify, who tend to be buried under the powerhouses even though they might be just as good for TI.

Who qualifies for the LCQ?

From every region’s TI11 qualifier, teams that placed 2nd and 3rd qualify for the TI11 LCQ. A total of twelve teams across all competitive regions will clash for the two remaining slots at TI11. The range of teams is vast: From legendary household names to Lower Division underdogs, we are set to witness an unpredictable qualifier.

Here are all the teams that will compete in the LCQ:

  • nouns [NA]
  • Wildcard Gaming [NA]
  • Infamous [SA]
  • Tempest [SA]
  • Team Secret [WEU]
  • Team Liquid [WEU]
  • Outsiders [EEU]
  • NAVI [EEU]
  • Xtreme Gaming [CN]
  • Vici Gaming [CN]
  • Polaris Esports [SEA]
  • T1 [SEA]
Full teams and players that will compete at TI11 LCQ.
Source: Liquipedia

UPDATE: Groups are out!

The Last Chance Qualifier, held in the Round-robin BO2 format, will have 2 groups of 6 teams playing each other. Top 4 advance to the Playoffs Upper Bracket and the bottom 2 drop to Playoffs Lower Bracket – all Playoffs games are a BO3.

With two TI11 slots on the line, the end-game format takes a different route. The Upper Bracket Winner and the Lower Bracket Winner both win a slot in the TI11 Group Stage – there is no Grand Final.

The groups for TI11 LCQ are:

Group AGroup B
Team SecretTeam Liquid
Vici GamingXtreme Gaming
Polaris EsportsT1
NAVIVirtus.Pro (Outsiders)
nounsWildcard Gaming

TI11 LCQ: Full Schedule, Where to Watch

So far, PGL has only revealed the schedule for Day 1 of the LCQ Group Stage. As per usual, 4 games will be broadcasted simultaneously. You can catch the games here:

Day 1 [Group Stage]

10:00Secret vs Tempestnouns vs NAVIXtreme vs LiquidVP vs Infamous
12:30T1 vs LiquidPolaris vs NAVIXtreme vs WCVici vs Secret
15:00nouns vs PolarisTempest vs ViciWC vs VPT1 vs Infamous
17:30Xtreme vs VPTempest vs NAVILiquid vs InfamousSecret vs nouns

LCQ to take place live in Singapore

On top of the exciting lineup, fans are also granted a live setting. The LCQ will operate in a LAN event with the twelve teams competing in Singapore from October 8th – 12th. TI11 begins shortly after on October 15th, which means those that qualify through LCQ will have an insanely short break in between.

Unfortunately, we might not see Dota 2 talents on-site during the LCQ. This information is not announced anywhere officially, however, sources have revealed that hosts and casters are to broadcast remotely.

Find out more detailed info regarding the LCQ on Liquipedia.

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