EHOME convincingly defeats the giant of China DPC, PSG.LGD at the start of Tour 3 DPC.

Today marks the beginning of Division I China DPC Tour 3 and fans are already surprised by a huge upset. In the opening series, EHOME squared off against China's reigning champion, PSG.LGD, and handed them a 2-1 defeat. In the gruesome matchup, EHOME proves that PSG.LGD can indeed bleed - as they take down the giant of China DPC.

PSG.LGD had a shaky performance against EHOME

The series wasn't exactly a total annihilation from EHOME.

In the first game, both EHOME and PSG.LGD were neck and neck. But the close contest sees PSG.LGD on top with a powerful draft and great teamfight executions. PSG.LGD finished the game with a 38K lead in only 32 minutes.

It was a tough loss for EHOME, but they did not take the defeat lightly. They brought another level of performance in the next two games, completely outplaying PSG.LGD and delivered a reverse sweep. Even when their opponent managed to grab some valuable kills or fights on the map, it always seemed like EHOME had the better control. They handed a rare series defeat to the previous season's champion, to move forward with 3 points in the CN DPC ranking.

After PSG.LGD's throne exploded in the third game, caster Snaregrodamus concluded the series, "LGD, it turns out they are actually mortal and EHOME makes the gods bleed today."

EHOME undoubtedly put on a convincing show at the beginning of CN DPC Tour 3. The team, comprising young rising stars in the Dota 2 scene, currently holds 50 DPC points after placing 4th and 6th in the previous seasons. They also placed 4th in the Regional Finals of Tour 1. EHOME has a chance to qualify for TI11 with more DPC points to collect in CN DPC Tour 3 and the upcoming Arlington Major.

PSG.LGD, on the other hand, has nothing to sweat. The series loss against EHOME sees PSG.LGD losing a little balance, but, the season still has a long way to go. The team also holds the highest DPC points in the DPC ranking with an astounding 1400 points - and a little bad performance in the third season could hardly jeopardize their chance to TI11. PSG.LGD has dominated two seasons and two Regional Finals, making them once again a powerful force to be reckoned with.

PSG.LGD stands on top of the DPC Rankings.
PSG.LGD stands on top of the DPC Rankings.

EHOME and PSG.LGD's journey in the third tour had only begun. EHOME's next match will be against RNG on June 17, 03:00 PM SGT. Meanwhile, PSG.LGD will face Dandelion Esport Club on June 12, 03:00 PM.

You can find the full schedule for Division I and Division II DPC on our site!

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