The dates for TI11 in Singapore have been confirmed in an official post by Valve.

TI11 in Singapore feels a little more real today as Valve confirms the dates of The International. The post was released in the afternoon of June 1st in a post on the official Dota 2 website, with accompanying posts across social media.

In the post, Valve outlined a truly titanic amount of Dota 2. The Last Chance Qualifiers will run from October 8-12. The Group Stage will then take place on October 15-18, with the full lineup of 20 teams.

Next teams will head to the playoffs at the SunTec Singapore Arena for October 20-23. Finally, after a huge six-day break the Finals will take place in the Singapore Indoor arena from October 29-30. 

TI11 dates have a huge gap

While people are obviously hyped about the confirmation of the dates, the huge gaps in between stages are perhaps a cause for concern. Notably, two days between the Last Chance Qualifiers, Group Stage, and Playoffs. And, six days, almost a week between the end of the Playoffs and Finals.

This large pause between the action may serve to kill momentum, hype, and otherwise mute the excitement. Unfortunately there’s probably little Valve can do now. Flights and accommodation are starting to be booked, and people are rushing to reserve their place in Singapore. Coming just a few days after the Singapore Grand Prix, and spanning over three quarters of the month, this huge event will likely see TI take over Singapore for several days.

Patch 7.31d tease

In addition to details about TI11 dates and the Last Chance Qualifiers, the post briefly dropped hints about the exciting new features in the 7.31d patch. And this being a date-reveal post also got a date for that update: Expect the 7.31d patch on June 8th.