In the post-game interview, Ame had some special requests from Icefrog.

The formidable squad of PSG.LGD has just won the China DPC Regional Finals after a clean run throughout the tournament. Although China is one of the most competitive regions in this title, PSG.LGD climbed to victory with ease - performing up to their repute from the last season. The team will bring home a grand prize of $50,000 USD and 250 DPC points.

PSG.LGD remains an unstoppable force

It isn't a surprise to many fans when PSG.LGD takes the crown of yet again another tournament. They're one of the few teams that remain on top form and they manage to do so for a magnificent period of time. The roster has dominated season after season, consistently placing among the top of the region and in the world.

First game I played Kunkka and I felt I couldn't do much that game. I felt like our progress to the vacation was delayed by one game.


Today, PSG.LGD dropped one game against Royal Never Give Up (RNG) in the BO5. But the team once again proves that they're able to read and assess their mistakes and the way their opponents play, quickly swinging back in full motion. The squad delivered 3 wins in a row after the first game and RNG has to take another defeat against the unbeatable PSG.LGD.

What changes does Ame want for 7.31?

After PSG.LGD successfully secured the win, the broadcast panel sat down with the carry player, Wang "Ame" Chunyu to ask him some questions.

The panel congratulated him for the remarkable win and proceeded to ask Ame why he suddenly played a bunch of heroes that he has not touched since The International 10. His answer was simple, "I wasn't playing that much pubs during the regular season, that's why I bring lesser heroes. Right now I play more pubs, that's why I can bring more," said Ame.

The panel moved on to a slightly different topic. The next patch, Patch 7.31 is dropping very soon and they were interested to know what Ame particularly wants to change in Dota 2.

I want Icefrog to delete midlane. I don't want to see six heroes battling it out in the middle. We also need to add a jungle lane.


Those changes sound a lot like League of Legends, which is exactly what Lacoste asked in return.

With a mischievous smile on his face, Ame said "then we need to move Roshan to the middle and add an accurate timer on it"

Ame might be joking about these changes to Dota 2, but several community members have had opinions on what they want to see changed in the new patch.

Ame also shared what he does during his free time or during those times that he is not playing pubs, which is playing Apex Legends and Genshin Impact. And of course, when the panel asked him which international team would be a fun competition for PSG.LGD, he didn't hesitate to say Team Spirit. After all, PSG.LGD suffered a loss in the hands of the CIS youngbloods on the biggest stage of Dota 2.

The panel also asked Ame how a player can improve in the game and he gave a simple tip, "Just play more pubs!" And finally, they asked Ame to name his teammates which always lift up spirits during awful times. He mentioned both the former TI winners, Faith_bian and y'.

And thus, the Regional Finals for China has concluded! But don't worry, for fans of PSG.LGD and China Dota, a tournament is coming up real soon. The OGA Dota Pit Season 6: China will commence on 22 - 28 February, hosting high-profile teams such as PSG.LGD themselves, RNG, Xtreme Gaming, and Invictus Gaming.

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