The SEA Regional Finals saw a huge stomp by BOOM Esports and an unfortunate internet issue for T1.

A new champion sits on the throne of Southeast Asia after BOOM Esports delivered a crushing defeat against T1 3-1.

The two teams have met before in the Upper Bracket Final but it was a different scenario as T1 absolutely crushed their opponents. This time around, BOOM stood out with the better form, and T1 was forced to field a last-minute stand-in mid-series due to internet issues. Following the victory, BOOM Esports sit at first place, bringing home $50,000 USD and 250 DPC points.

The chronicles of the SEA DPC Grand Final

The sight of BOOM Esports and T1 in the Grand Final isn't really a surprise. BOOM Esports was the first seed during the Regional League and T1 flaunts a 'The International' badge on their sleeves. Both teams brought in new carries ahead of the tournament, with BOOM acquiring Souliya "JaCkky" Khoomphetsavong and T1 with Kim "Gabbi" Villafuerte Santos. But the series wasn't too forgiving for T1 as the first two matches were absolute annihilation.

BOOM Esports brought their A-game on the table

The first game saw a painful score of 30 - 5 in favor of BOOM Esports. T1 drafted a fast-paced lineup but BOOM managed to read and completely stop T1 on their tracks. The second game was a similar affair, as BOOM dominated T1 with ease. Yopaj, in particular, had an exceptional performance on his Kunkka, scoring a K/D/A of 20/0/16 throughout both matches.

BOOM Esports was close to a full sweep and the third game began at a great pace. However, T1 managed to clinch a crucial teamfight, and Gabbi's Templar Assassin ran amok on the map. He secured a double Rampage before T1 successfully wrapped up the third game.

T1's unfortunate handicap

Throughout the series so far, there were noticeably a ton of pauses due to connection issues on T1's side. In the third game, Kuku stated in the all-chat that Karl was playing with 100 ping. As a result, T1 contacted a last-minute stand-in, Mac of Polaris Esports to replace Karl.

With the handicap of a sudden stand-in, T1 crumbled in the hands of BOOM.

Apparently, T1 is not playing in a bootcamp together as each individual was seen at separate places. This is made clear in a recent Tweet by the CEO of T1, who clarified that they will move the bootcamp to the Philippines to avoid today's unfortunate circumstances.

BOOM Esports becomes the new kings of SEA

The lengthy journey of SEA teams comes to an end today. BOOM Esports successfully secured a hefty $50,000 USD and 250 DPC points. This means the team has now accumulated a total of 550 DPC points and they step closer to a TI11 invite.

  • Regional League 1st Place - 300 DPC Points
  • Regional Finals 1st Place - 250 Points

BOOM Esports' victory is well-deserved and their gameplay has been fascinating. But what's even more fascinating is the start of their journey at the DPC. At the beginning of the season, the team was supposed to play from Division II as a result of the previous season's relegation. However, one team from Division I was disqualified due to match-fixing activities and BOOM earned a miraculous opportunity to play from Division I. And here we are!

Here is the full result of the Winter Tour DPC 2021-2022 SEA's Regional Finals:

SEA Regional Finals Result
SEA Regional Finals Result

The DPC in other regions is still very much in action. This week has yet to conclude and the next week will bring more exciting series!

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