Fnatic soar ahead of T1 and BOOM Esports after a third consecutive win in SEA DPC cover image

Fnatic soar ahead of T1 and BOOM Esports after a third consecutive win in SEA DPC

Fnatic is the only undefeated team so far in SEA DPC with a 3-0 score.

The Southeast Asian (SEA) Dota Pro Circuit (DPC) Tour 2 marks the conclusion of its third week. Today's matchup saw Fnatic play their third series in the league against Nigma Galaxy SEA. Following a convincing 2-0 sweep, Fnatic is now placed on top of the rankings, becoming the only team undefeated so far.

Fnatic defeats NGX.SEA and extends its win streak

Today's battle for Fnatic was a walk in the park. NGX.SEA, being a relatively weaker team in the Division was put up against a strong challenge. The series saw a quick snowball with the first game closing in 39 minutes and the other in 33 minutes. The team chemistry and overall performance of Fnatic were a leap ahead of NGX.SEA.

Jabz hints at a future Techies pick for Fnatic

In the post-match interview, team captain Jabz was seen playing in a LAN cafe. The panel asked him about how he felt after the series and the Thai player believed they did some mistakes that extended the games.

"I think we are improving a lot as a team compared to Season 1. But on both games, we could've closed the game really early. But some mistakes happened, that's why it took kind of long."

In the second game, NGX.SEA pulled out a surprise Techies pick that would be played out as Position 5. To this, Jabz stated that it could've worked if the hero was played as other roles.

"I think it could have worked as other positions and not Pos 5. Like maybe Mid or Pos 4 or Offlane because this hero needs items."

That Techies pick was the first in SEA DPC so far, and when the panel asked Jabz if Fnatic will pick up this hero in the future, he laughed. "Maybe."

Fnatic becomes the strongest contender for Arlington Major Major

Teams are starting to feel the heat in the Regional Leagues. Unlike the previous season, more DPC points are at stake and the Arlington Major is on the horizon. It is getting more competitive by the day and so far, Fnatic is still undefeated in SEA DPC.

Here are the Rankings after Week 3 of SEA DPC Tour 2.

SEA DPC Tour 2 Week 3 ranking
SEA DPC Tour 2 Week 3 ranking

While their performance is undoubtedly strong, Fnatic have yet to face the powerhouses of Division 1 including T1, BOOM Esports, and Team SMG.

T1 has suffered a loss in the hands of Polaris Esports and Team SMG lost a series to T1. BOOM Esports, on the other hand, faced an unfortunate blackout on their matchday against NGX.SEA, which forced them to forfeit the series.

More matches will be played in the next two weeks and we will shortly see who gets to attend the next Major.

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