BOOM Esports steps closer to the Stockholm Major after defeating T1 in SEA DPC cover image

BOOM Esports steps closer to the Stockholm Major after defeating T1 in SEA DPC

BOOM Esports moves to 2nd place in SEA DPC ranking after handing T1 a convincing reverse sweep.

The day finally came. The Southeast Asian (SEA) DPC witnessed a highly anticipated battle between two rivals, BOOM Esports and T1. A lot of hype and a lot of hopes were set before this series but only one team gets to hold the crown, and it is once again in the hands of BOOM Esports.

The series was not easy for BOOM Esports as both teams have a great read at each others' gameplay. It started with a win for T1 but BOOM recuperated and snatched 2 more victories to secure a reverse sweep. In the post-match interview, BOOM's team captain, Rolen Andrei Gabriel "skem" Ong talked about how they lost the first game.

For those who missed the series, here’s a brief summary of what happened.

BOOM Esports prevails after a tense series against T1

In the first game, T1 picked a Medusa which BOOM immediately countered with Anti Mage. However, BOOM's draft was pretty greedy with a Templar Assassin on the midlane and a Keeper of the Light on position 4. The game proceeded to play out very slowly. Both teams were passive as they tried accumulating enough farm to hit their timings. T1 had an edge with pickoffs and eventually, after one punishing fight, T1 went straight for BOOM's throne, ending the game at the 36-minute mark.

The second game saw Gabbi's Luna having a great start. He was free farming uncontested and members of BOOM were struggling to come online. Karl's Storm Spirit was insanely active on the map with the support of Pugna. But once BOOM hit their timings they grouped up and started snowballing. Yopaj's Ember Spirit, initially low on the net worth chart, managed to recover and wreaked havoc on T1's formation.

The final game had an equal start with BOOM first leading by net worth and T1 slowly balancing the game to their favor. But when it came to the Roshan contest, BOOM was a step ahead. Both teams prepared and lingered around the pit to secure the coveted Aegis but again and again, BOOM managed to pick off a couple of kills and forced T1 to retreat. With an Aegis in their hands, BOOM demolished T1's base and ultimately closed the series.

skem talks about the first game loss

In the post-match interview, the panel asked team captain, skem about the first game. It was a very passive game and BOOM Esports couldn't come online to recuperate. The result of the first game can easily be blamed on the greedy draft which requires a lot of farm. However, skem believed that the hero picks were not the problem.

"Game 1 we just played bad. Our heroes look good. We were just so passive, we didn't play our playstyle," said skem. "Our map movement is pretty bad and we didn't play on our two Dagger timings - the Sand and TA. We can kill them one by one."

BOOM moves a step ahead in the SEA DPC ranks

After the win against T1, BOOM Esports is now in 2nd place in the SEA DPC ranking.

Earlier in the season, BOOM faced an unfortunate incident where their bootcamp lost its internet connection. As a result, they earned a default loss against Nigma Galaxy SEA, that loss being its only one so far. The boys of BOOM will face two more teams, Fnatic and Team SMG, before its total score is finalized.

  • BOOM Esports vs Fnatic - April 16
  • BOOM Esports vs Team SMG - April 20

As for now, only Fnatic has earned a slot in the upcoming Stockholm Major from the SEA region. Two more teams will be confirmed very soon.

More info on SEA DPC Division I Tour 2 can be found here.

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